How to deal with quarantine while away from home?

How to deal with quarantine while away from home?
How to deal with quarantine while away from home?

Many readers have written to us commenting that they are abroad. Therefore, we have made this article to give advice and encouragement to let you know that despite the distance, our company will be there to help you extract something positive about each situation.

In this other article, we answered the most frequently asked questions that come to us these days about coronavirus.

Whether it’s because you’re an ex-pat, you work abroad or do you study in another country or you were traveling at the time of the restrictions of border mobility and the cancellation of operations in the airlines, you may have to spend the quarantine period outside the home environment.

Here are some tips for how to deal with quarantine while away from home.

Intentionally assume your experience

If there is something that we all need to learn, not only to know how to deal with quarantine while away from home, but also to face everyday life more fully, it is that we must be more intentional with the experiences that add to our lives.

In this case, quarantine time is not something that we have attracted by our own decision, but we can still make decisions regarding how we assume this period of our life. For this, we must cultivate self-knowledge and ask ourselves questions such as:

  • What is the purpose behind the things we decide to do in this free time from confinement?
  • Who are the people we talk to distract ourselves and why?
  • What is the objective of the times we spend informing ourselves? What role do we think we play in all of this?
  • What lessons can we learn in the midst of this scenario?

Give yourself the opportunity to share with yourself

You do not know how many times in life you will have the opportunity to live an experience of disconnection with the outside world on this scale. Although in this case, the circumstances that brought us here are not the most pleasant, on the one hand, confinement, especially being away from home, gives us the opportunity to share with ourselves spaces for reflections and activities that we would normally experience postponing.

Maybe this is your chance to take advantage of the time to study and practice that language you had forgotten, develop skills that will help you grow professionally, work on a project that you were very keen to develop or put into practice new habits of personal growth that you never it is of more to cultivate.

Here are some resources:

Thanks in every moment

The simple fact of having had the opportunity to click on the link that leads to this article and be here reading already places you in a privileged position in front of all those people who currently do not enjoy the best state of health.

If you are grateful enough about your situation, despite the fact that you have to deal with the quarantine while away from home, it will be easier for you to put into practice the intention of which we spoke to you at the beginning and discover how you can contribute to the panorama for you and your circle of scope.

Don’t drown in the information spiral

As citizens, it is a total responsibility to keep us informed in situations of this type, so it is very important to be up-to-date with news progress.

However, being informed does not mean denying the reality that we live in a period of excess information that can be harmful to the mental health of the most sensitive people.

Just as it is your duty to be informed, you also have the right to put limits on your information consumption and reserving disconnect spaces on your day that will help you deal with quarantine while away from home with less anxiety.

Use video conferencing applications and get in touch with your loved ones. Do you want to run away from the routine and give it an extra touch without leaving the house? Luckily there are more and more options!

Applications like Houseparty have become very fashionable to deal with quarantine while away from friends and family, in fact, it is already the most downloaded application in Spain in the last month. It has options to make the classic videoconferences more fun, for example, group trivia mini-games, Pictionary-style picture riddles, word association games, etc… Definitely a different option to communicate with your favorite people and deal with quarantine being away from home.

Try to create a sense of routine

Probably what affects us all the most when dealing with quarantine is the interruption in the routine that we already had built. Maybe, even being away from home, you had a certain routine or rhythm of travel planned for your day to day or in case of working/studying in another country, you probably had certain routine duties to fulfill and now they are scattered.

The best advice we can give you for this situation is to try, to the extent possible, to create a routine for your life in the midst of quarantine. Routine is important to have some direction and stability at times when we don’t seem to know where to pull.

In addition, a routine is useful to better segment the spaces of your day, separate homework from rest and reserve moments for yourself, to disconnect from work, studies, news and anything that generates more noise than you like right now.

And you? Are you away from home right now? What advice would you add on how to deal with quarantine? We send you a lot of encouragement to overcome this stage with the best of strengths and that’s why we decided to share this article with you, now it’s your turn to send it to someone whom you know can help you.

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