How many times can I wear my mask before I have to wash it?

Do you really have to wash your mouth and nose mask after each wear?

You can wear your mask as many times before it needs to be washed

According to the American “Center for Disease Control”, it depends on how often you wear your mouth and nose mask. The fact is: As soon as the fabric of the mask becomes moist with the air you breathe, the mask should be washed. This usually happens after a few minutes. After a long visit to the supermarket, the mask should be washed and disinfected. If you only put the mask on briefly to pay at the petrol station, it usually does not need to be washed.

Store the mask in a clean place

According to Dr. Daniel Griffin, a member of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Columbia University, said it was particularly important to keep the mouth and nose mask in a clean place. So be careful not to just put your mask in your handbag or jacket pocket where it can get dirty. Instead, you can put your mask in a glasses case, for example.

The expert’s tip: Always have at least a second mouth and nose mask in the apartment so that you always have a clean mask on hand when the other one has not been washed, for example. By the way: How to clean your mouth and nose mask properly.

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