Experience report of a sick person: This is how Covid-19 feels

Experience report of a sick person: This is how Covid-19 feels
Experience report of a sick person: This is how Covid-19 feels

A German Blogger and author Jana Crämer have tested positive for COVID-19. In the interview, she talks about her symptoms, her experience with the coronavirus and her life in quarantine.

The number of people who deal with the Coronavirus infects increases daily. In the meantime, almost everyone knows a person who has been proven to have COVID-19 or at least shows symptoms.

However, a lot of questions remain open to most people. What experiences do those affected have? How does the disease manifest? And how does the Corona test work?

A sick person who can speak from experience is author and blogger Jana Crämer. The 38-year-old was infected with the coronavirus at a reading. She told us what it means to have COVID-19.

Contact with an infected person: what now?

Jana travels across Germany with the musician Batomae and reads concerts at schools. One of these readings came into contact with an infected person. What happened next?

“Then, of course, we made sure that we got symptoms,” said Jana. “We have informed the health department. There is a hotline to which you should report if you have had contact with an infected person. And then gradually the symptoms really came. “

First corona symptom: loss of sense of smell

The first thing Jana noticed was that her sense of smell was lost. She explains: “That was the first moment when you realized: I really have it. So not just the scaremongering you know from the Internet, but real. And then suddenly it’s not so funny anymore.”

This is how the Corona test went

Jana lives in a shared apartment with her mother, so they both had to do a corona test. After a phone call to the health department and a doctor, the test was delivered to her home.

“It was the case with us that a Coronavirus mobile came and put two tests in front of us. Then they moved away. We opened the door and took the tests. […] Then we did the throat swab, “explains Jana.

Jana then put the tube that contained the swab from the smear in front of the door. The next day, the two received their results by phone. With Jana, the test was positive.

Coronavirus: how does the disease feel?

We want to know from Jana what it feels like to be sick. How do the symptoms differ, for example, from a conventional cold or flu?

“It feels like a completely normal cold, only the symptoms are more varied for me. I feel like I can’t breathe so well” explains Jana.”In addition, I have incredible headaches and body aches. […] I only got that under control with painkillers. I woke up in pain at night. Everything hurt me. “

Do sick people get medication for COVID-19?

“There is none therapy for Corona. That’s the nasty thing about all that crap, “says Jana.” There’s nothing you take and then it’s gone. But I get antibiotics, expectorants, and pain relievers. “

The fear after the diagnosis

Another big difference between cold and corona? “The panic in the head is more blatant”, explains Jana. This has not only to do with the constant news reports but also with the information that she receives from the health department, for example.

There she was told by phone that the course of the disease was often serious, but it was assumed that there were not enough hospital places in Germany for everyone who needed ventilation, for example.

After a positive corona test: complete insulation

Another question that concerns many people: How exactly are people treated who have tested positive for COVID-19?

Sick people must strictly adhere to the quarantine regulations that are ordered by the responsible health authority. For Jana, this means: she doesn’t leave her apartment, doesn’t even enter the hallway. “I’m 100% isolated,” she explains.

Since March 19, Jana has been in quarantine and must stay there at least until April 6th. The author passes the time by continuing to work.

Jana’s tip: Don’t panic

Jana’s advice to everyone: steer clear of panicking and conspiracy theories. Those who watch a lot of news often get scared. This is also how Jana feels.

Don’t make the mistake like me and build hypotheses and hypotheses. Corpses are already piling up in my head in Germany, “explains the blogger.” This is very, very bad for your well-being if you pay attention to every heavy breath. And thinks: Oh God, what if I lie there and there is no ventilator? ”

Instead, Jana recommends a lot of fresh air (if necessary only on the balcony), distraction and talking to people who do you good and calm you down.

On her blog in german language,, Jana Crämer has been reporting on her difficult way out of the binge eating disorder for years.

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