Coronavirus: Spend less money shopping

Coronavirus: Spend less money shopping
Coronavirus: Spend less money shopping

We are currently spending a lot of time at home and that means going shopping more often. We show you here how you can keep your finances under control

So you spend less money when shopping

The longer we are in quarantine at home, the more we notice how often we suddenly have to go shopping. Supplies are quickly used up and by closing restaurants, we are eating less. Many now (again) discover the joy of cooking and diligently collect recipes. However, when all the ingredients go through the supermarket checkout, you often notice how expensive grocery shopping is suddenly.

Deviate from the recipes

Do you need two tablespoons of sesame paste for one recipe, a teaspoon of turmeric for the other recipe, and a pinch of paprika powder for the third recipe? Often you need things in the smallest quantities, which are expensive and then no longer used for months and may even become worse in the end. So our tip: deviate slightly from the original recipe. Instead of agave syrup, honey also does it or instead of fish sauce, you can use wonderful soy sauce. A basic stock of spices is advisable, dare to experiment with them. Alternatively, you can ask the neighbors if you can help out with more exotic ingredients.

Grow herbs

Instead of buying expensive plastic-wrapped herbs in the supermarket, it’s worth investing in an organic herb pot that you have a long time of. It is best to buy this in the garden center (better quality) and plant it at home. Either outside in the garden or on the balcony or plant it in a flowerpot in the kitchen. Important: take it out of the plastic pot, plant it in special herb soil and follow the instructions (e.g. from the Internet) to water. So the herbs grow again and again and you don’t have to buy them again.

Eat less meat

Meat is expensive and should generally not be eaten as often. So try to cut down on your meat consumption a bit and you will notice how to protect your wallet. Try herbal alternatives like tofu. There are now products on the market that have the taste and texture of meat, but cost less and are better for the environment (e.g. from Vivera).

Freeze food

Try making a bulk purchase and living on it as long as possible. How often shopping takes place depends, of course, on the size of your household. Plan the week ahead and find a recipe for which you want to go shopping. Boil twice the amount and freeze the rest. So you always have something in stock and do not have to go shopping or cooking.

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