Coronavirus: Do I have to disinfect my purchases?

Disinfect everything after shopping – is that necessary?

Do I have to disinfect my purchases?

There are still a lot of floating questions about dealing with Corona. One of them is: “Do I actually have to disinfect my groceries after shopping?” And the answer is clear: No, says the Food Association. Viruses can only live briefly outside the body and are also very difficult to keep alive. In order to be infected with Coronavirus via packaging from the supermarket, the rare case would have to occur that a sick person touched the packaging shortly before me or contaminated it by sneezing or coughing. A short time later I would have to take this packaging in my hands and transfer the viruses in sufficient quantities to my mucous membranes in my nose or mouth by touching my face (keyword: smear infection). Packaging that is packed on the shelf at home is therefore harmless.

What about fruits and vegetables?

But what about fruit and vegetables that are not packed, for example? The “normal” rule applies here, according to the food association: things that are not packaged and that you consume with a bowl should generally always be washed off. Alone to remove dust or dirt from the products. You shouldn’t and shouldn’t disinfect the food, because it harms your body more than it helps you. Disinfectants are only intended for external use and not for consumption. You can even cause poisoning internally.

But what you should do: Wash your hands with soap after each purchase (preferably after you have cleared the groceries in your closet). Plus: wash your hands even when you start cooking lunch and dinner, as you normally should.

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