Chinese city projects doctors who fought against coronavirus

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We live in difficult times right now. Hard situations for everyone. For this reason, we are sure to agree in unison with the great role that our toilets are taking. In this city ​​China, they are clear and they have not hesitated to pay them a beautiful and well-deserved tribute in style.

Our doctors, assistants, nurses, and all healthcare workers are working tirelessly to care for, heal, and care for all patients who arrive every day. infected with COVID-19. Therefore, it is fair to acknowledge them for impeccable work.

The Chinese city that honors its toilets

This Chinese city has not hesitated to pay tribute to them by projecting their faces (both doctors and nurses and other health workers) on screens made in buildings. Meanwhile, the workers return from the focus, Wuhan, and are met with this beautiful welcome.

It’s about Fuzhou city, the capital of Fujian, located in the east of China. From there they wanted to give a warm welcome to their toilets. Those doctors who have landed at the airport just a couple of days ago.

They are more than 200 among doctors and nurses. They have all been helping at one of the 16 hospitals in Wuhan on a temporary basis. In recent days, they have finally been able to return home. The city has reported zero new cases since the outbreak began.

LED screens, stations, buses, squares, shopping centers, buildings, etc. All of them projected the images of health professionals, sent months ago to help combat coronavirus.

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