8 activities that you can relax immediately

The next time you’re stressed out, try the following relaxation tricks

Meditation podcast

There are countless (free) audiobooks on all possible subject areas. Among other things, meditation radio plays that ensure immediate relaxation. Simply find a podcast that you particularly like (search for the keyword “meditation”) and exchange listening to music on the train for the radio play. You can find podcasts on Spotify, for example, or on the Apple Podcast app.

Clean up the “chaos room”

Do you have “the storage room” in your apartment? A room that actually has a function, but in reality only houses clothes racks, boxes, and knick-knacks? Bite once in the sour apple and clean up the room. You will see how you feel better right away. The best way to make the cleanup playful. Stand next to a music system, listen to your favorite sounds (or a meditation podcast) and get it over with quickly.

Lavender scent

The scent of lavender has been proven to be calming and relaxing. A great idea to use its effect: spray some lavender extract on your pillow. The scent is not too intrusive and works overnight.

Watch fish

Fish in an aquarium have the same effect as a campfire. You could look in for hours and feel like you are immediately relaxed. If you don’t have an aquarium at home, watch a video on YouTube.

Happiness diary

We are often bothered by things that do not go so well in everyday life. But do you sometimes think of the things that you particularly enjoy and enjoy? Probably far too little, right? Take a small notebook and write down beautiful experiences and the things that made you particularly happy every day.

Positive email

You have probably received an email from the boss or colleague in which you were praised for your work. Check out the email and let the balm work on you again.

Spa day at home

Take time for yourself and your body. Set an evening a week that is all about beauty and care. Manicure, foot peeling, face mask: All of this is good for your body and also relaxes.


Find free workshops online. Sewing courses, painting workshops, or meditation courses are often offered digitally in these times. This brings variety to your life and you may find a new hobby like this.

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