11 tips: Avoid coronaviruses in buses and trains

If you are dependent on public transport, you should get used to the following behaviors in order to get from A to B as safely as possible.

Many people rely on public transport to get to work, shop, or make friends. Now that the first loosening of the coronavirus lockdown has started, you can see more people driving by bus and train. You should pay attention to the following in order to protect yourself as well as possible from viruses, bacteria, and germs:

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1. Pay with the app

Contactless payment is very practical – on the one hand, you no longer have the problem of missing change, but also prevent unnecessary touching of a card machine. If the transport company does not offer an app or online payment option at your place of residence, we recommend a stamp card. Press the buttons on the machine with a key or wear disposable gloves.

2. Pay attention to the safety distance

Before starting your journey, you should keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters at the stop. This can be very difficult in the vehicle itself, especially at peak times. Therefore…

3. Drive differently than others

If you are flexible, you should avoid rush hours. These are especially in the mornings when people drive to work and after work. But also at lunchtime, when school children are driving home.

4. Wear a mask

This point does not actually have to be listed since access to public transport is mostly only allowed with a mask. If you have to drive during peak times, you can also protect yourself with glasses (with window glass or sunglasses). This also prevents you from looking into your eyes.

5. Use the back exit

The doors are bottlenecks and the fear of not getting out of the car quickly enough pushes many to push. Wait or take an exit (often at the back) that is not as busy. If you wait for the subway, tram, or train, you can walk through the platform to the rear – there are usually far fewer people there.

6. Stay in place

Once you have found an empty seat, you should sit or stand there and not run through the bus or train. The fewer people you meet – even in the smallest of spaces – the better that is for you and for others.

7. Don’t touch anything

It is currently a safe strategy to stay away from surfaces in public transport. If possible, do not hold on to the bars or touch the seat when you sit down and get up. Try to press the hold button or door opener with your elbow, with a piece of cloth from your jacket, or with a disinfectant wipe. Alternatively, you can wear gloves to hold on to handles while driving.

8. Have disinfectants with you

Disinfection wipes or sanitizers for the hands are not available in a handy pocket format for nothing. Always carry a product with you and use it before starting your journey (to protect your fellow human beings) and after (for your protection).

9. Avoid talking

Smalltalk is not for everyone. If you are a chatterbox and like to talk to strangers, then you should stop this for the time being. The droplet infection can not only happen when someone sneezes or coughs, but also very easy when speaking. A study showed that small breath droplets created by speaking remain in the air for at least eight minutes – especially in a cramped environment with poor air circulation, as is the case on trains and buses.

10. Don’t eat on the go

Want to use the trip to work for a quick snack? That’s not a good idea. Because on the one hand you have to take off the mask, on the other hand you may have touched dirty surfaces with your hands and are now handling your snack with it. Try not to bring your hands close to your mouth or, even better, near your face in public.

11. Change trains…

… on the bike. The weather is nice and exercise is good for us (and helps to get the extra corona under control). So we do something good for our body and at the same time protect it and others from unnecessary infection risks.

Written by Editorial Staff

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