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WWE 2K20 Originals: Wasteland Wanderers is available

WWE 2K20 Originals: Wasteland Wanderers is available

WWE 2K20 fans will be happy to hear that new content is coming to Christmas. Indeed, the Originals pack “ Wasteland Wanderers ” is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

By downloading the content pack players will be able to access a whole new imaginary realm, including a new 2K Showcase and new 2K story towers featuring Seth the Wanderer (a unique variation of Seth Rollins), as well as new playable WWE Superstars, creative elements, arenas and much more, all on a unique post-apocalyptic theme, a desolate land. This pack is free with the Deluxe or Collector’s edition, otherwise, it is available in premium including all the next packs.

An immersive story where Seth the vagabond finds himself invited to a tournament in the abandoned ruins of a once prosperous city. Once there, Seth realizes that he is not really a guest fighter, but rather a prisoner who is fighting for something more important than the water and food he had been promised.

Chaining more difficult games than each other, Seth will find himself face to face with the powerful and enigmatic Supreme Leader (alias Samoa Joe), who seems to want to settle his scores with the new “guest”. Hostility between the two fighters will lead to a final confrontation, the stakes of which are the highest.

Lots of content for this WWE 2K20 DLC, in detail:

New History Towers:

  • “Song of the Wanderer” – Survivor Elias faces some of the most powerful Superstars the wasteland has ever known in a series of Fatal-Four Way matches.
  • “Trapped with me” – Survivor Rhea Ripley meets a group of marginalized people who wish to join her. If they are looking for a place on the team, they will have to defeat it first.
  • “Oil Tax” – Thieves stole fuel from Survivor Pete Dunne. If he wants to get his hands on it, he will face a series of matches hosted by Velveteen Dream Raider.
  • “Hostile Takeover” – The Supreme Leader has fallen, and Survivor Roman Reigns is looking to take his place. But he must face several fighters before he can seize the throne, and each of them feels fit to reign over the wasteland.

New WWE Superstars:

  • Seth the wanderer
  • Samoa Joe Supreme Leader
  • Corbin Guardian of the portal
  • Ali Fortune fighter
  • Batista Grand champion
  • Jack Gallagher Lawyer
  • Ruby Riot Warrior
  • Velveteen Dream Raider

Two new arenas

  • Colosseum of the Supreme Leader
  • The wasteland

And more

  • New dubbing and comments
  • New themed Superstar elements
  • New themed elements to Create an arena
  • New themed weapons


The next DLC will be Southpaw Regional Wrestling and Empire of Tomorrow which will be available soon.

Order WWE 2K20 now on PS4 or Xbox One:

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