Super Nintendo World park and Universal Studios is preparing to open this year

Super Nintendo Park and Universal Studios is preparing to open this year

It’s good news for video game lovers. The Nintendo theme park will open this year. Most gamers can enjoy their favorite video games in a park in full color. Nintendo and Universal Studios will bring the world of Mario to reality through the Super Nintendo World park.

It was the Mars when, through a conference, Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo gave voice to the project. They said it will be inaugurated before the Tokyo Olympics this 2020. According to Thierry Coup, the creative director of Universal Studios, the attraction will be “alive and real-size video game.”

This will be the Nintendo theme park

Both the Universal parks of Osaka, Japan; Hollywood, California; and Orlando, Florida, will feature the adventures of Super Mario. The park will also feature different sections of recognized characters such as Donkey Kong and Mario Kart.

“You’re going to enter a realm full of emotion, gameplay, heroes and iconic Nintendo villains.”

The Super Nintendo World park will open in Japan in the year 2020. In the rest of the cities, you will have to wait a little longer to enjoy it. However, thanks to the company we can open all its components through this video:

We can enjoy the castle of Peach, that of Bowser, the house of Toad, piranha plants, the iconic green pipes and other landscapes of Mario’s video game.

In addition, visitors will also use “power bands” to participate in a virtual experience about Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom Universe.

“While using the band, guests can collect digital coins just like Mario does in games.” as Universal Studios commented.

Mario, despite being born in the 80s, has become the flagship of the brand, so it is logical that it is one of the most anticipated Nintendo theme parks. The last application that launched “Mario Kart Tour”, was downloaded 90 million times the first week, breaking all the records of the organization.

It is expected that this year the Olympic Games, which will begin on July 24, will attract a large influx of visitors to Japan. In 2013 and 2018, annual visits to the country tripled, reaching 31 million. By 2020, it will be believed that the figure may reach 40 million.

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