With 91.9% occupied Miami-Dade runs out of space in intensive care to treat the coronavirus

After several weeks of calm that led to the reopening of nonessential businesses in Miami-Dade, cases of coronavirus in the county have risen to higher levels than at the start of the pandemic, and numbers from hospitals are also worrying.

According to the daily report of the “new normal” published daily by Mayor Carlos Gimenez, beds in intensive care units in hospitals are already 91.9% occupied.

In total, the county has a capacity of 395 beds in intensive care and 363 people are currently admitted.

As for regular hospital beds, Miami-Dade currently has a 48.8% occupancy. Of 2,857 beds in total, 1,385 are currently occupied.

The number of tests that return positive to COVID-19 after people get tested also hit a record in Thursday’s report, with 33.5% of people infected. That is, more than a third of those who took the exam.

According to the report of the health department this Thursday, in Miami-Dade, there were 1,987 cases of coronavirus, out of a total of 5,923 people who had the test.

Emergency calls to 911 for coronavirus cases have also skyrocketed in recent days, with 167 recorded on Wednesday, July 8. On Tuesday 153 calls were registered and on Wednesday 177. The three figures are the highest numbers of calls in 24 hours that have been presented since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There were 5 deaths Wednesday in Miami-Dade County, all over the age of 60. However, in total, a quarter of the 4,009 coronavirus-related deaths in Florida have been recorded in the county, with 1,092 people being killed by this deadly virus.

In addition, Miami-Dade reached 55,961 cases of people with coronavirus on Thursday, being the county most affected by COVID-19 in the state.

Rollback to reopening

Due to the high numbers, in the county, the reopening of non-essential businesses has been reversed, and as of Thursday, restaurants can only serve if they have outdoor dining rooms or with deliveries to residences and takeaway orders.
A curfew is currently active in the county from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am, every day of the week.

The recommendation is that people comply with social distancing rules, such as wearing the mask, which is already mandatory throughout Miami-Dade County, washing hands, and maintaining the social distance of 6 feet.

If you or someone in your family believes you have symptoms of coronavirus, the authorities’ recommendation is that, to avoid infection, you should stay home and call the health center’s toll-free line. They also offer a list of places where people with symptoms can be tested.

If you have questions you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-866-7796121 or send an email to

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