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The 9 best series of a Netflix season you can see

These are the best series of a season to see the pull if we do not have much time and we want a story that begins and ends in an afternoon, if possible. There are series for all tastes, and then we will see the best.

Lately, there are some ” discussions ” more or less heated on the quality of the catalogs of platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Movistar or Amazon Prime. There are users who prefer one over the others, and without going into the catalog, what is clear is that the number of series on Netflix plays in favor of the Hastings platform. And, there are many series of a season that can be seen in one afternoon, and we will see the best.

As we say, Netflix is a platform that, for the amount of catalog available, has many series that can be seen at any given time if we are bored. And, we are bored and do not know what to see ( we have also recommended series for those moments ), or we want a series to see the pull if we do not have much time, there are ideal productions.

Next, we are going to review the best series of a season on Netflix that you can see at the stretch. As we always say when we make these types of lists, it is something totally subjective, but we have tried to cover all possible sticks.

Sex education

Of all the series that Netflix has released in recent months, Sex Education is one of the best. It is fresh, fun and does not have a plot too convoluted.

It is perfect if what you are looking for is simply to entertain yourself during the weekend or something to see while doing other things. Maybe it’s not a very promising cover letter, but it’s still a good series.

It is British and its eight chapters last about 45 minutes, being one of the best series to see the pull on Netflix.

Russian doll

If you want to watch a Netflix series of the pull, a single season, one of the candidates is undoubtedly Russian Doll. This is a series that has only eight episodes, each of about 25 minutes and, although not everyone liked it if the first two hook you … you will see it in one afternoon.

Natasha Lyonne is the absolute protagonist of this strange story that tells us how Nadia Vulvokov (Natasha) is trapped in a temporary loop. On his birthday, he dies and returns, and that’s what he does. It may last a little longer, but death ends up finding her.

It is a fairly intelligent series that has become one of Netflix’s best short series, and Lyonne comes out as the protagonist, screenwriter, and director of this series.

Love, Death + Robots

It has 18 chapters with a duration from 5 to 25 minutes and, although some hits a downturn, hook that gives pleasure. Basically, it is a series of stories, all independent of each other, which have in common (almost all) love and robots.


Quicksand is not the best Netflix series, but it is one that must be given a chance. This is a Swedish series that begins just when there has been a shooting at a high school, and they “catch” the alleged author with her hands in the dough.

When the trial begins, we begin to relive thanks to flashbacks which led the young woman to fire her rifle. Why does a young woman belonging to a rich family end up like this? It is not pleasant, and there are a couple of very, very, hard moments, but it is worth seeing what can lead some kids to commit such atrocity.

They are only six chapters of about 45 minutes, and it is one of the best series to watch the Netflix pull since the storyline is not bad.

The end of the f *** ing world

It is one of the best Netflix series to watch at a stretch. It is seen in an afternoon, literally, and although there is a confirmed second part, having not premiered you can finish the series in one afternoon, and in one sitting.

He tells us the story of  James, a young man who thinks he is a psychopath, and Alyssa, who also has trouble connecting with people. One day they undertake a road trip that will take them where they never expected to end.

It is one of the best series to watch on Netflix if you are bored and do not know what to see since it has not been given too much hype and it is one of which we “ ventilate ” in a jiffy. There are only 8 chapters of about 25 minutes long. In one afternoon you have it done.

Black mirror

Ok, it’s a trap. Black Mirror is one of the best Netflix series, and it is also one of those that you can see in one afternoon since its seasons do not have many chapters and last between an hour and an hour and a half. The good thing is that you can leave it when you want, because, although they share the theme, the Black Mirror chapters are totally independent.
That is, as soon as we are watching a chapter in which a tester tests a horror game like another in which a girl is caught by likes in a future in which something similar to Instagram governs society. It is a dystopian series that shows the dangers of technology, and with a fifth season that will arrive shortly, you might want to start seeing what Black Mirror is about.

The Society

The Society is another of the best series of a Netflix season to watch the flip. The proposal is nothing from the other world, but if you fancy a youth series without many complications, it is ideal for you.

The situation is as follows: an American town that is basically a neighborhood of well-settled people, a high school excursion and a group of young people who, when they return to town, discover that they have cut off the Internet and that adults have disappeared.

It is an argument with threshed dyes, but it is clear that it is an entertaining series and its first season (we do not know if there will be more) is seen in a jiffy since it hooks enough.

Altered Carbon

We continue our list of the best Netflix series to see the flip with one that is not especially short, but which is the most intense and its chapters (one hour) hook as little.

Altered Carbon is the series based on the novels Altered Cabono by Richard K. Morgan  and the ten episodes tell us the story of Takeshi Kovacs, a soldier who returns from the dead to try to unravel the mysterious death of one of the richest people of the planet

And we say “come back from the dead”, although people in that future cannot really die because all their memories are stored in a capsule they have in the neck. Thus, they can change bodies, or clone, without a problem, since they have a backup of themselves in case something happens.

Who can afford it of course? Although it is not a very deep series, it does make us think about whether that is the path we would like to take in the future. If you like action, thrillers and, above all, the aesthetics of Blade Runner, you will love it. It has a second season on its way, but with the first season, it is perfectly understood.

There are more series, but we believe that, currently, these are the 10 best series to watch the flip on Netflix. Some of you can air it in one afternoon and for others, you will need a weekend, but what is clear is that they hook and have only one season, so you do not wait for the second.

The alienist

We finished our selection of best series of a season that you can watch on Netflix with The Alienist.

This is a television show that takes us to New York in the late nineteenth century, where we follow in the footsteps of Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist, who at the time was known as aliens. The doctor is accompanied by John Moore, a journalist and cartoonist specialized in crimes, and Sara Howard, secretary at the New York police station, and together they try to solve some serial murders that are taking place in the city.

There is a murderer with pleasure for the young boys who prostitute themselves in the brothels that a string of corpses is leaving behind. Dr. Kreizler and his friends will try to find the criminal, showing how dark the world was just 120 years ago.

Written by Editorial Staff

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