Exciting TV series: The 20 best series of all time

Exciting TV series: The 20 best series of all time
Exciting TV series: The 20 best series of all time
Do you want to pass the time with a series marathon? We tell you 20 exciting series that you should have seen.

A cozy day in bed or on the couch with an exciting series on Netflix or Amazon Prime; is sometimes just right. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a dark thriller, a Scandinavian thriller or a thrilling action series: an exciting series are always possible.

Are you looking for new material for your next series marathon? We’ll tell you 20 exciting series that you should have seen – from the classic to the latest hit.

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Rousing documentary series

Do you love exciting series that is based on real events and have more than a spark of truth? We’ll tell you which exciting documentary series you should definitely watch now.

1. Don’t F ** k with Cats – The hunt for an internet killer

Did you know that one of the unwritten laws on the internet is “Don’t fuck with cats”? But what if someone violates this rule? After an anonymous video appears on the Internet in which an unknown person kills two kittens, the Internet gets into turmoil. A group of people bands together to track down the culprit. A race against time begins because it doesn’t end with a video.

You can watch ‘Don’t F ** k with Cats’ here on Netflix.

Horror series

Thrills, shock moments and goosebumps: Exciting series can also be really scary at the same time. If horror movies are your thing, you’ll love the following series!

2. Haunted Hill House

‘Haunted Hill House’ lives up to its name: a group of siblings is brought together again by a tragedy and forced to return to the place of their childhood. There they are confronted with the ghosts of their past – in Hill House, the country’s most famous haunted villa. In the two time strands from past and present, new horrors gradually reveal themselves. Goosebumps guaranteed.

You can watch ‘Haunt in Hill House’ here on Netflix.

3. Stranger Things

No longer a brain tip, but one of the most exciting series par excellence: ‘Stranger Things’. When a boy disappears without a trace in a small town, this is just the beginning of a series of cruel events. The friends of the lost will and his mother quickly realize that supernatural, dark forces are at work here. And they are more terrible than they could ever have imagined.

You can watch ‘Stranger Things’ here on Netflix.

4. The Terror

In ‘The Terror’ the horror comes from the ice. In 1847, a Royal Naval Expedition went in search of a passage through Antarctica. What they find instead is a cunning, brutal monster that will chase their ship from now on. A desperate struggle for life and death begins.

5. The Walking Dead

Imagine you are in a coma and when you wake up you are suddenly in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. That’s how Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes does in ‘The Walking Dead’. Unsure, he breaks into the world that is no longer the one he knew. The struggle for survival begins.

Dystopian series

Oppression, surveillance and destroyed worlds: Dystopias have been fascinating since ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’. If you like to watch an exciting series that play in a dystopian world, you should be very careful now.

6. Omnipresence

The idea of ​​the surveillance state is not a new one. The Brazilian series ‘Omnipresence’ takes it to the extreme and tells of a world in which residents are watched 24/7 by drones. When a murder occurs, Nina has to outsmart the surveillance system to solve the case and unexpected secrets come up.

You can watch ‘omnipresence’ here on Netflix.

7. The Handmaid’s Tale

This exciting series is really not for the faint-hearted: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ depicts an extremely dark, dystopian future version in which the USA is dominated by a religious dictatorship. Women are second class citizens. In this cruel world, the viewer follows the story of June, a maid, and a concubine.

Crime series

We are not only fascinated by thrillers in book form: There is also a great offer on Netflix and Amazon Prime in the form of an exciting series. We’ll tell you the best crime series!

8. The Sinner

Everyone knows what she did, but no one knows why: Cora commits a terrible murder and, to her own surprise, doesn’t know how it happened. Detective Ambrose is determined to solve the puzzle. He begins to look into Cora’s past and comes across terrifying secrets.

9. Black Spot

The isolated village of Villefranche lies in the middle of the forest and has a strikingly high murder rate. The police are perplexed as more and more people disappear and new bodies appear. Police chief Laurène is on the track of the crimes and has to face her own dark past.

You can watch ‘Black Spot’ here on Netflix.

10. The bridge

‘The Bridge’ is an exciting series of Nordic Noir par excellence that every crime thriller fan should have seen. When a body is found exactly on the border on the Øresund Bridge, which connects Denmark and Sweden, the investigators are initially faced with a conflict. The Danish police officer Martin Rodhe and the Swedish police officer Saga Norén will have to work together on the case from now on.

11. Hannibal

‘Hannibal’ is an exciting series that is unparalleled: sweeping and disturbing that the hair on the back of the neck is raised. Will Graham is an FBI profiler and has the special ability to put himself into every conceivable offender, his motives and actions. For a special case, the FBI also draws the respected psychiatrist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, on advice. As the collaboration intensifies, Will has no idea that Dr. Lecter leads a double life.

12. Sherlock

In this modern version of the classic, detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Doctor Watson solve cases in 21st century London. With his keen powers of observation, Sherlock is always a few steps ahead of the police. But he doesn’t necessarily make friends with that.


Not just an exciting story, but cliff hangers and thrills provide that certain something for thrillers. Do you love playing with the human psyche? Then watch out, we’ll tell you the best thriller series.

13. You: You will love me

Would you have thought that you could sympathize with an ice-cold stalker and killer? Then you should definitely watch ‘You’. Bookseller Joe is handsome, charming, and totally in love with aspiring author Beck. So that she falls in love with him, he pulls out all the stops and shrinks from absolutely nothing and nobody.

14. Bates Motel

The exciting series ‘Bates Motel’ tells the story of Hitchcock’s film ‘Psycho’. The series mainly portrays Norman Bates’s psyche during his teenage years. When he moved with his mother and brother to the small town of White Pine after the death of his father, they had no idea at first that the idyllic appearance was deceptive. Dark secrets and death in their newly acquired motel are just the beginning of a series of horrors …

15. Homecoming

Heidi works at Homecoming, a facility that helps soldiers find their way back to normal life. Years later, Heidi has built a new life, but the past does not leave her alone. The Department of Defense tries to find out why she left homecoming and Heidi begins to question her own experiences.

16. House of Money

It is said to be the most spectacular raid in the history of Spain: In ‘House of Money’ a professor is meticulously planning an attack on a banknote printing plant. Together with eight accomplices, the hunt for 2.4 billion euros begins. An exciting series that every action and thriller fan should have seen.

17. Chernobyl

In April 1986, a serious accident occurred in a nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the northern part of Ukraine. The series follows the helpers who try to contain the misfortune. But the consequences are more far-reaching than expected.


In our list of the most exciting series, of course, the genuine classics should not be missing. You should really have seen it!

18. Breaking Bad

When chemistry teacher Walter White was diagnosed with terminal cancer, a world collapsed for him. In order to secure the future of his family, he decides to use the time remaining to produce and sell methamphetamine. The sincere chemistry teacher quickly becomes an important drug dealer.

19. Dexter

Dexter Morgan works in the Miami Metro Police Department, where he analyzes blood splatters. But Dexter is also a serial killer. At night he hunts for other killers who escape the legal system to ensure “justice”. Exciting to the end and with eight seasons perfectly suitable for a series marathon.

20. Game of Thrones

Due to all the hype, almost everyone has gotten by ‘Game of Thrones’ heard. If you have thought that there are better exciting series: No! In the fantasy series, seven kingdoms populate the continent of Westeros. Wars, intrigues, and murders determine the lives of the residents. But in addition to the struggle of the various royal families, an unknown danger is emerging from the ice in the north.

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