5 Board Games to Improve Your Mental Speed

5 Board Games to Improve Your Mental Speed

Traditional board games, and also some new additions to this market, can become excellent allies to train your mental abilities and feed your mental skills while having fun with friends or family.

Although the Internet offers us excellent options to improve our intelligence or mental speed online, learn to program or educate the little ones, the truth is that board games are still irreplaceable leisure options that allow us to improve mental agility, memory or comprehension, and association strategies.

Today we want to talk about five board games that are especially beneficial and with which you also have the option to have fun and disconnect from work, stress or information saturation of the network. Do not miss them!

5 Games to Improve Your Mental Skills


It is one of the most famous board games in history, focused on the discovery of a crime scene. It is played individually against the rest, knowing that there is a murdered man, a weapon, and a place that must be found out by asking questions for turns and bets. With paper and pen, all carry out the relevant detective investigations, through logic and the improvement of deduction capacity.


This popular game spread in the 80s and 90s – more than floor than the table, properly speaking – is simple but fun and effective to contribute to memory. It is a device to memorize sequences thanks to the lights of different colors that the player must reproduce, increasing the level of difficulty.


It is considered the best board game for improving verbal management, language agility or vocabulary enrichment. The purpose of this popular board is to place letters in a series of boxes, joining new words with the previously formed ones and obtaining different scores for it according to the complexity, the position on the board or the letters used. It has a dictionary to check the validity of the words.


Like the Scrabble, the Rummikub is focused on the formation of sequences, with the difference that in this one the sequences, instead of words, imply three colors and numbers from 1 to 13, consisting of 106 tab s.

Each player must form a series that gives 30 points or more to leave the chipboard empty. The end of the game is that the board where the chips are placed must be empty. With it, you can significantly improve the logic around numbers and calculation capacity.


This is the board game between two people par excellence, the best known, ancient and successful worldwide. Considered a mental sport, it is based on a system of predetermined movements whose combinations show a wide range of probabilities of moving forward, backward, attacking or protecting.

The ultimate goal to win is to make a checkmate, a word from Persian that literally means “the king is trapped .” Chess makes you work both cerebral hemispheres, enhance your memory and concentration, or increase your agility to solve problems.

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