Youtube channels to learn English for free

Youtube channels to learn English for free

Do you want to learn English for free? Youtube offers us a lot of possibilities and one of them is to learn a language. Therefore, today we want to show you some YouTube channels where you can learn English completely for free.

Who does not know YouTube today? This tool to watch videos on the internet that has changed the lives of many people. From tutorials to learn to do something, to videos of fumes, cars, recipes, makeup, fashion … There are videos on YouTube for all tastes.

Now, you can also use YouTube to learn English for free. An ideal tool to expand your training and improve your English language level.

There are dozens of channels where you can get free English courses, and they also have a number of advantages.

Advantages of learning English through YouTube

What are the advantages?

  • They are free.
  • You can learn from anywhere in the world since you only need a computer, smartphone or tablet and internet connection to watch the videos.
  • You can learn at your own pace. Emphasize those lessons that cost you the most by viewing the videos as many times as you need.
  • You will learn English if you leave home.

Youtube channels to learn English for free

Here we have prepared a list with some of the best YouTube channels to learn English. True free English courses you can take whenever you want.

Speak English With Mr. Duncan

Speak English With Mr. Duncan is a YouTube channel that has been operating since 2006 (the principles of YouTube) and has become a true reference for learning English with YouTube.

“Misterduncan has taught English for free for more than nine years.”

It has more than half a million subscribers and its videos have been viewed more than 63 million times

British Council

The British Council is the organization responsible for promoting the British language and culture throughout the world. It has a YouTube channel where you can learn English for free. It has more than 80K subscribers.

These videos are quick lessons of only a few minutes where you can learn about different topics.

In addition, the British Council has a YouTube channel to teach children to free English with more than 150K subscribers. If you are an English teacher or want your children to learn English, check out this channel.

Real English

Real English is a channel with more than 200K subscribers offering free English classes for all levels where you can perform exercises and interactive activities through the videos.

Each of the videos is repeated, one without subtitles and one with subtitles. Ideal to start learning English.

Speak English With Vanessa

Speak English With Vanessa is a cool and fun method to learn English where you will not stop progressing. This is the most entertaining way to learn a language that you have never faced, progressive and unique.

A channel with more than 1.5M subscribers highly recommended.

BBC Learning English

The BBC also has a YouTube channel to learn English.

It has more than two million subscribers and in this channel, you can find new videos every day that deal with different themes and are offered in various formats.

EF PodEnglish

It is the YouTube channel to learn English from EF, the largest language school in the world. With two years of experience on YouTube, he already has more than 150K subscribers.

You will find a lot of free English classes that do not exceed 10 minutes.

It is an ideal channel for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced English students.


EngVid is a channel where you bring together several teachers to offer English classes on YouTube. The account exceeds 1.5M and in it, we find more than 800 videos.

In most of the lessons, a teacher appears in front of a blackboard where he will teach the classes.

EngVid also has a website where we can find all the videos along with a series of lessons. In addition, we can leave a comment or access other interesting sections of the web to learn English.

Bussines English Pod

Bussines English Pod is a channel that is aimed at those people who want to learn English for free through business-oriented YouTube.

The channel, which has more than 250K subscribers, offers lessons where vocabulary and expressions that are frequently used in the work environment are used.

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