What to do when you have No Previous Experience?

What to do when you have No Previous Experience?

You have realized that most of the jobs you want to apply for are required to have experience. No problem, here are some tips to get experience for your resume. Most of the job offers that are published are required to have relevant prior experience. One of the big problems you find when looking for a job along with the language.

Now, the experience is needed to gain experience, it is the whiting that bites its tail. If you can’t access a job, how are you going to get it? Something frustrating when you run into this problem as soon as you finish your studies.

You may have more experience than you imagine. And if you really do not have it, it is quite easy to get it if you are well motivated for it.

Get experience for your resume

Whether you have just finished your degree studies, or are just looking for a job, you will need previous experience related to the position you want to fill. It is very difficult to find a job offer where experience is not required. You have to take any opportunity to present experience to improve your curriculum vitae and access the job you want.

Human resources professionals or recruiters want to see a resume showing that you have been busy; workingvolunteeringstudyingtraveled… (the latter is being very striking in recent years).

Some tips to fill your CV of experience

Take advantage of everything you’ve been doing in your life, surely you have more than you imagine to develop the job you want. Below you will find some options that you can include in your resume as an experience:

Professional practices

Without a doubt, the best option to get previous experience for your resume. There are many practices that are paid, others not, you can do them both nationally and abroad. The best way in the world to get experience.


Followed by professional practices, this is another of the best options to get experience for your resume. Like internships, you can also volunteer nationally and internationally.

Collaborate with family and friends

Take advantage of the opportunities in your network of contacts. Creating the website of a family member’s company, helping with your uncle’s business accounting, working at the reception of a friend’s country house… Even if you do not have a title or a document that supports it, it is an option that you can use in your resume.

Develop your own work

If you do your own work, why not show it to the world and count it as your experience. Tell your skills, knowledge, what you have done, how you have done it… To do this you can create your own professional blog, this is offering very good results for people looking for work.

Join associations or clubs

Being in contact with professionals from your same area will give you greater advantages and you will be able to access specific jobs.


Training is essential to find work. Currently, there are many options to take courses online for free. Do not lose this chance. As Gandhi said, live as if you were going to die tomorrow and learn as if you were going to live forever.

Create a book

There are many professionals who can offer their experiences through a book. If you are one of them, do not miss this option.

Minor jobs

Normally, they are not usually included, however, if you do not have the experience, it is good to put them as it will show that you are an active person. When we talk about minor work we refer to mini-jobs, jobs of a few hours.

Temporary jobs

There are many temporary jobs that you can carry out and that will help you get the experience you need to complete your resume.

Create your personal brand

Today it is essential to establish your personal brand. Take care of your social networks. Here are some tips to build your personal brand.

Write a good cover letter

Cover letters are an important component of your job application. Here you can stand out from the rest if you have no experience.


A traveler offers a different way of seeing things. Some companies are opting for people who travel to fill their jobs. Highlight your travels and what you have learned in them.

Be Creative

Sometimes you have to get out of the box. What other ways are there to gain experience?

If you are overwhelmed with the subject of experience in your resume, do not worry, everyone started like this. There is no magic solution to gain experience, it is not a video game. Each individual does it differently.

The key is to reflect on what you have done and what you are going to do. Use the experience you already have in your pocket to convince recruiters that you are the right person for the job. Good luck!

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