What is liquid marketing and how can you apply it to your brand

What is liquid marketing and how can you apply it to your brand

The network is a huge buffet where each user devours with appetite those contents that he likes most. If you have a website or business with an online presence and want to improve your visibility, reputation, and conversions, we tell you how liquid marketing can help you.

Creating content in the time of marketing has become an odyssey for those responsible for digital production, Social Media managers or online copywriters. An increasingly settled trend is that of liquid marketing, a concept that we will explain in-depth in this article so that you can carry it out in your business.

If it sounds like the classic “Be water, my friend” by Bruce Lee, it could well be one of the main slogans of liquid marketing and its philosophy, based on combining creativity and technology.  This type of marketing is one that makes the message or content spread only by adapting to various channels, formats, media, and media.

What is liquid marketing and how can you apply it to your brand

One content, thousands of formats

Thus, this marketing is keenly pursuing the virality and “evangelization” of the target audience through flexible, entertaining and original content of value:  video, text, infographics, podcast … All content is welcome and can be poured through television, radio, print media, digital blogs or social networks.  The result? The high elasticity of the message allows much higher reach and effectiveness, in addition to achieving a much more powerful engagement by the public.

Liquidity is specially granted by the Internet and its broad spectrum of environments and formats, including video games, virtual environments, augmented reality or microblogging and ephemeral content. 

How to make your content liquid? Knowing your target in-depth, detecting which are the most usual channels that it travels, the contents it consumes and the reasons that motivate it to share them on networks. Easy to share messages, enveloping, well-positioned for SEO and traversed by storytelling and transmedia narratives are recommended.

What is liquid marketing and how can you apply it to your brand

 If your content is able to tell a good story – with ingredients such as humor, hype, tension or emotional factor – it will be fired like a rocket. Another key is to create a story or set of them interconnected by a common story and with a powerful and joint message that invites the audience to talk about it and remain with constant expectations. Thus, each small piece feeds the interaction with your audience.

The link between liquid marketing and the transmedia narrative is narrow since in both cases it is a process where the elements that integrate a story or a message with a thread are systematically dispersed through multiple distribution channels. If you are able to generate a unified and coordinated entertainment experience where each medium contributes its grain of sand, you will have succeeded. In addition, the contents disperse at such speed – sometimes without control – that they take on a life of their own.

This strategy has been chosen by prestigious companies such as Coca-Cola, one of the brands that best manage its comprehensive advertising strategy – lately adopting debranding actions – and that has developed what it calls its “Content 2020 Strategy ”, based especially on Liquid marketing.

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