What is Glassdoor and how to get opinions from companies to find a job

What is Glassdoor and how to get opinions from companies to find a job
What is Glassdoor and how to get opinions from companies to find a job

The Internet offers many very useful tools for job search. One of these free tools is Glassdoor, a platform where you can find opinions about companies as well as other interesting data shared by the employees themselves and that can be very useful when knowing a company.

What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is an employment portal where, in addition to accessing job offers, you can explore companies and access valuable information.

For this, this web portal offers anonymous opinions on more than 600,000 companies in the world. These opinions are shared by the employees themselves.

In Glassdoor, the community takes the initiative of giving opinions, qualifying and guiding people interested in finding employment and for that purpose, they are based on their experience with companies on topics of evaluation and selection interviews, salaries, employee benefits, schedules and in general, they usually answer any questions you may have regarding the company and the position that fits your profile.

All the information you find on Glassdoor can be extremely useful for you to find a job since the more you know about the company to which you plan to send your application, the greater your chances of having the perfect preparation at all stages of the application process and selection.

What it takes to enter Glassdoor

To access all the opportunities to find employment and the information that Glassdoor offers you it is necessary to be registered in the platform. Simply log in to and start the registration with your email or Facebook account.

It would also be necessary to start feeding your profile and also contribute to those in the community who are also interested in finding employment. To do this you must rate your experience in at least one company with which you have or have had the opportunity to collaborate.

On the other hand, you will have the option of making a “quick application” which you can access by uploading directly to the platform your curriculum and its extensions (such as the cover letter) in the supported file formats.

How to use Glassdoor information

This is what you can do with the information of each data offered by the Glassdoor web portal:


Before it seemed impossible to know what it was like to work in a company without having found employment in it. With this platform, this obviously does not happen. In this tab, you will find important information to quickly find out about the reputation status of the company.

Salary ranges/Salary calculator:

The salary calculator is part of the most useful tools of Glassdoor, thanks to it you can access data such as the average salary that is managed in your area based on your professional level, specializations, years of experience, etc…

This series of data, used in conjunction with the possibility of being able to visualize the salary ranges of the jobs of your interest, offer you an indication of whether they are ideal options for you, if it is possible to access better opportunities with the competition or give you an idea what can you say in case you have to negotiate an increase or your salary claim is consulted.


This is one of the sections by which more people use Glassdoor to find employment, as it is a gold mine in the form of useful information on how are the interviews of the companies and the profiles that fit with your professional profile.

Here you can know the level of difficulty, get an idea of ​​the questions they normally ask, details on how to answer, reviews of the selection process carried out by the company, reasons for which previous candidates have been accepted or rejected and recommendations on what You can do better if you are also chosen to enter the selection process.

Corporate culture

Every day organizations care about their image and the perceptions they generate for the public, for this they promote their employer brand and through it, they show people interested in finding employment in their company how is the day to day in this company and which They are the values ​​that make up your organizational culture.

Glassdoor provides an opportunity for companies to strengthen their employer brand through the platform. The brands that make it usually manage directly the opinions they receive and update with multimedia content about life in the company.

This section can give you one of whether the values ​​that the company projects are compatible with yours.

Compare companies

This is one of the most recent functions of Glassdoor and it is wonderful if you are a more selective or indecisive candidate between two options. To compare different data related to companies you can enter the page: Compare companies to find your perfect fit and select two companies of your interest to compare or click directly on the evaluations page of the companies you are viewing.

Conclusions about Glassdoor

Glassdoor is presented as another resource when looking for employment opportunities on the internet. Above all, if you use it properly, it can be invaluable, especially when it comes to establishing communication with the company in which you want to work.

It is a perfect complement to LinkedIn. Remember that here we gave you the keys to why you have to follow on LinkedIn the companies you like the most.

Also, do not be guided by a negative review in a company, the ideal is to see patterns if that negative review is repeated constantly if it is a question of what happens in that company and why employees speak badly about it.

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