The 10 best platforms to learn how to program for free

The 10 best platforms to learn how to program for free
The 10 best platforms to learn how to program for free

Do you want to learn how to program for free? Would you like to learn how to create software or applications? If you want to go a step further and start a career in the world of programming, you have surely answered yes. You should know that there are many platforms where you can access free training to learn how to program, here we tell you which are our favorites.

First of all, you should know that learn to program is one of those abilities that can lead you to very wide job opportunities both now and in the future. Also, there are many opportunities to remote employment in this sector, and even, it is a job that you can carry out as a digital nomad.

Have you heard that the secret to finding a job is learning to program? Well, it’s true, programmers are one of the emerging professionals most in demand, even in difficult economic times. Luckily there are many free courses to become a programmer.

These are 10 platforms with free courses with which you can learn how to program.


CodeAcademy is a platform with free courses that teach you how to learn to program with great potential thanks to its simple teaching system.

In Codeacademy you first choose which programming language you want to start learning, and in just a few minutes, you will already be writing code thanks to its philosophy of “Learning by doing”. You will immediately receive feedback on it to see if you are on the right track.

If you are a person with very little knowledge on how to learn to program, to the point that you are still not very clear with which language to start in this world, Codeacademy offers programming language guides with which you can learn how to program based on your professional objective.

In just create an account to access all its free courses to start your adventure as a programmer. It is used by tens of millions of students and teachers around the world as it offers easily accessible plans for educational centers, but you can also learn how to program on your own.

Its simple interface and the practices they have are ideal for all ages, from children to adults.


Coursera is a platform with which you can access hundreds of courses on different topics from the best universities in the world. Among them, there are university programming courses and top industry leaders.

The programming courses in Coursera are completely free, you only pay if you want to access a certificate that endorses it, this depends on each one if you need it or not.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy It is a platform with free courses answers the question of how to learn to program in a few seconds with the support that all its courses are taught by recognized experts from the world of programming although you can also access discussion spaces with other students where they share tips and other support resources to understand how to learn to program with the best foot.

Each of its free courses is ideal if you want to learn how to program entirely from scratch, since its introduction to the basics of the subject is very detailed and you can even access free courses that are more focused on other areas that surround programming, such as scientific computing in general, in which it is also important to have knowledge if you are interested in how to learn to program in order to start a professional career in the area.


Write down if you are interested in starting out on how to learn to program because this open-source and non-profit platform facilitates interactive teaching of code with free courses aimed at people from anywhere in the world. In addition, the community that has been created around learning programming will be very helpful.

Here you can also learn how to schedule different challenges and challenges in the course process while complementing everything with free guides and tutorials with which you can advance while learning how to program.


Progate It is a platform that has taken its mission to empower more than a million users worldwide by showing them free courses on how to learn to program. The catalog of programming languages ​​that you will be able to master through its courses is extensive, covering from the most basic to languages ​​that require a slightly more advanced level of preparation.

It combines theory and practice in the most appropriate way and its interface has the advantage that it is very visual, so surely you will not miss any detail in your process of learning how to program.

Code wars

Under the motto “Achieve mastery through challenge”, in Code wars you can find free courses that teach you how to learn programming by being part of an educational community where software development is trained through programming challenges known as “Kata”.

On the platform, you can learn how to program has the option to choose between more than 20 programming languages. We recommend it to complement the free course platforms that we have mentioned in this article, as it is perfect for practicing the knowledge you have acquired.


edX It is a huge learning platform, not only to learn how to program because it has free and paid courses on all the topics you can imagine. Among their courses to learn to program, you can find material from none other than Harvard University, Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many other high-value institutions.

It has free courses available that you can take at your own pace and that are aimed at all levels, that is, edX can accompany you on the road from asking yourself how to learn to program to more advanced stages of your learning.


With the platform BitDegree, You are going to start learning anything related to programming, their courses range from learning how to program web pages to learn how to program video games, so trust us: options will not be missing with BitDegree.

The free courses can be standard or you can also choose to learn to program with gamification techniques to make your path more entertaining and obtain metrics on the progress of your learning that will be very useful to you.


Udemy is a virtual entrepreneurship platform that has improved the lives of many people thanks to its wide catalog of free courses and education in different areas, where of course the courses on how to learn to program also top the list.

You can access both payment options as free and at your preferred learning level. The catalog of free courses grows every day, so the programming language options that you can learn from today never run out, the hard part will be deciding among so many!

Which of these platforms with free courses on how to start programming did you not know? Are there any that you plan to use today? Any that you would add to the list? We want to know more!

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