How to Send a Resume by Email

How to Send a Resume by Email

Do you need to send a resume by email to apply for a job? Do you know what is the best option and how to do it? When you send your CV by email it is important that you follow the recommendations that the employer gives you, it will be no use sending your resume without following those steps.

Most of the job offers, calls, internships and everything you need to send your resume, generally, give you detailed information on how and what you should send.

Sometimes you are asked to send an email, while other times you are asked to upload it to the corresponding web portal. You must follow the instructions as all those that do not go in a corresponding way will be discarded.

Another of the data to be taken into account will be the curriculum format. You should look carefully if the employer requests that you send your CV in some format: for example.Pdf or in .Doc. As a rule, it is sent in .Pdf but you can request another format.

It is essential to read all the data well, for example, on many occasions they request to copy another email, this is very common in the EURES job offers. Read and make sure you have to send your resume. These data will appear in the job offer.

Tips to Send Your CV by Email

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when sending your resume by email.

Follow the prompts

The first thing, as we mentioned before, is to follow the indications that the job offer shows you. Sometimes you will have to send an email with your resume, other times you will have to upload it to a website, put your CV in one format or another or they may ask you to copy another user. You just have to look at what the corresponding offer puts.

Attached file with a descriptive name

If nothing is specified in the offer and you must send your CV in an email with an attached file, specify that it is your resume and your name. The cover letter can also be attached or written in the mail.

Review the file 

Check the offer to know if it is requested to be attached in some type of file, if nothing is mentioned, you can send it in .Pdf or in .Doc. These are the most common formats.

Do not send bulk

Beware of the mass mailing of the curriculum by mail, they are not well seen. Recipients of your mail can see that you have sent it to a lot of people. Therefore, if you are sending many resumes, it is better that you do it one by one.

Simple better than complex

Send as you send your resume by email, we recommend that you keep it with a simple font and style. Use a font that is easy to read and be careful with the colors, emoticons or images that we see later in many resumes. You can use tools to create your resume.

We hope these tips will help you know how to send your resume by email. Good luck.

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