How to find your first job after finishing your degree

How to find your first job after finishing your degree

Congratulations if you have finished your university studies. Now, it’s time to start looking for your first job after finishing your degree or, you can also spend a year traveling, you choose.

In the case that you leave aside the option of traveling and you are only focused on looking for your first job as a graduate, here we will give you some key points when accessing your first job.

Finding a job after finishing the degree is complicated, not everyone can access a job as soon as they finish their studies. Even less, work than you have studied. It will not be easy at all, although following a series of steps, you will surely see the results over time and you will see how far behind is that fateful time in which you were looking for work as soon as you finished university studies.

The process of looking for your first job can take a long time. Do not give up, everything comes to its moment, you just have to apply these keys that are mentioned below during your search process for your first job to achieve this goal successfully.

How to find your first job after finishing your degree

Create a Perfect Curriculum Vitae

A good resume will always stand out from the rest. You have to create a perfect resume, do not develop it lightly to send it as soon as possible to the job offers that appear. Spend the time you deserve to create an outstanding curriculum.

The main objective of the curriculum today is to get a job interview. Many confuse the function of the curriculum believing that a curriculum is to find work. No, it is not like that.

In a resume, you must capture the attention of the recruiter, of the person who is looking for employees. It must be attractive, which differs from the rest of the curriculum.

You should know that there are several types of curriculum:

  • Chronological Curriculum: The information is presented in chronological order.
  • Functional Curriculum: Information is organized by themes.
  • Combined CV: It is a mixture of the two previous options. It is the most complete of the three.

Make the most of the Universities

Use all the resources offered by the University. Sometimes, you may not even know the opportunities your University offers for recent graduates. Most universities have agreements to do internships in companies and public entities in order to incorporate students into the labor market. Logically, not all university students can enter these positions.

Ideally, you get in touch with the University, either in person or online, to guide you on the different programs that you can access after finishing your studies. There are not only opportunities to practice.

There are also opportunities to obtain a scholarship or to volunteer to complement your studies and where you gain experience nationally or internationally.

Acquire professional experience to access a job

Most job offers ask for experience. If you need the experience to access a job in the company, institution, training center… you want, do not hesitate to find a way to get experience and, in the future, apply for one of these jobs you were. Sometimes you have to invest, in this case, time, to achieve a goal, work.

There are various ways to gain professional experience. Today there are many opportunities for internships in companies, many of them paid.

There are practices at the national level at an international level. There are for all types of professionals. Some calls are dated and others are permanent throughout the year. You just have to find the one that best suits your profile.

The benefits of doing an internship abroad will be even greater than the national practices if you want to know why here we told you why you should do internships abroad.

Volunteering in an area similar to your studies is also an option to gain professional experience. This will help you to include it in your resume. There are companies that value it very much. Remember to adapt well to what you have done or learned during the volunteer period and how you can focus it on your professional life.

Take care of your Social Networks

Obviously, you must take care of your social networks if you want to opt for a good first job. Recruiters, human resources people, etc., put their eyes on social networks to see what kind of people are running for offers.

Below are some tips before you start looking for your first job:

  • Review your social networks and clean everything that could harm your image to be hired. There are people who, to gain access to a specific job, get to close all their social networks.
  • Configure the privacy of your social networks. Do not let everyone have access to them. Control what you can see and know about yourself.
  • Modify your mentality towards social networks. If a recruiter accesses your profile and sees that you publish about your profession, that you have different knowledge about the subject, you get involved with the profession, you will have taken a step forward when selecting a company.
  • Create a Linkedin profile, it is essential. If you don’t have it yet, you should do it, it’s very simple. It is being used to locate employees or look for work not only nationally but also internationally. The big companies are on Linkedin. Here is a step-by-step guide to find a job.
  • Use a professional photo. The photo will be the first visual image that you give to the world, take good care of which one you are going to put.
  • Social networks are a great place to learn about a company’s culture, find job offers, and of course, create your own personal brand.

Training is essential

Training is essential. Never stop learning. The correct training will open the doors not only to your first job after finishing your degree but also to the jobs you want to apply for later. There are many ways to train today, either online or in person. There are also platforms for free online courses,  and there are also courses at a reduced price.

One of the keys to finding work is specialization. If you acquire training in a very specific subject, you will have an advantage when it comes to locating your first job after finishing your degree.

Normally, you can take these courses while studying, leave some time for it. You can also do them in summer or when you have a gap throughout the year. Languages are other key factors when accessing the first job. Do not stay with only one language.

Job fairs

Job fairs are an ideal place to find opportunities that give you access to your first job. Lately, many fairs are being held to select people for different companies.

In addition, the good thing is that it is being digitized. Now, you do not have to go to the events, you can access the fairs through the internet, which opens the field to more people who can not move to the big cities where they can access the first job.

There are also social networks that help you contact people who are already living and working in other destinations. Here you can meet many people who advise and guide you on different opportunities in these countries. If you are looking to work abroad, this is a great option.

Focus on your ideal job position

Forget about sending thousands of resumes to all the companies you see that demand personnel who have studied a career like yours. Focus on what you want to do, where you want to work.

Examine companies, centers, institutions… and look for specific offers that separate you from the rest of the people. Carefully adapt your resume to get a job interview in a worthwhile job.

Don’t throw hundreds of emails to posts you don’t want to fill, take time and you’ll see the reward. Mind you, there are other factors that influence, such as training, languages, etc. to access more specific positions. However, there are solutions to all this. Now, you just have to look for your first job. Good luck!

Leave us your opinion about the job search for recent graduates or experiences that you have lived so that everyone can learn from the experiences of others and not make the same mistakes.

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