How to Make an Inexperienced CV

How to Make an Inexperienced CV

Do you want to make a resume and you have no experience? Do not worry, we have the solution.

One of the big problems that arise when you finish your studies or start looking for your first job is how to make a resume if you don’t have previous experience. Is this your case?

Do not worry, below you will find out what you should add in an inexperienced curriculum.

Curriculum without experience What do we do?

One of the main sections when preparing a curriculum is to provide information about the experience, what it comes to be, where have you worked before, what position you occupied and what were your duties in that position.

Obviously, if you have just finished university studies or it is the first time you are looking for a job, you will not have information to add previous experience to the field. However, this is not a problem in accessing a job.

Writing your first resume may seem like a world… But if you add the information below, you can create an inexperienced resume that will lead you to access the job interview you want.

What to add to an inexperienced resume

There are 8 things you should add to your resume in addition to work experience. In this way, you can compete with the rest of the people to access one of the positions.


You should include a small section at the beginning of the document (between 2 to 4 sentences) where you indicate the position to which it is addressed and why you should be chosen. Don’t overdo it, be concise.


Add your studies along with the end date. If you have something to highlight, good grades, awards, recognitions… add it. You can even add courses that you have taken unofficial as long as they are relevant to the position.


Not having professional experience does not mean you do not have skills. For example, the ability to make decisions, teamwork, perseverance, good communication skills, passionate about work, knowledge of the subject, good negotiation skills, leadership, strategic thinking, adaptation to changes …

If you can add why you have those capabilities it will be a plus.

Voluntary work

Have you done any volunteer programs? Add it to your resume. In addition, if the volunteer has any relationship with the job, you will have more possibilities.

Extracurricular participation

If you excel in an extracurricular activity or are a member of a sports team, musician or others, you will be showing skills and offering the employer very important data for the selection.


Highlight the scholarships or awards you have obtained for your abilities.


One of the most appropriate ways to add more value to your inexperienced curriculum is by asking for recommendations from your teachers, monitors, volunteer coordinators. Add the contact if you can.


If you master several languages, you will have an advantage when it comes to accessing an employment position over other people who do not have knowledge in languages. You should highlight what languages ​​you know, and if you can, add titles.

Conclusion about making an inexperienced curriculum

A resume is a personal marketing tool. It is the document that gives the first impression of who you are and what you know how to do. You should know how to highlight the skills and knowledge necessary to access this job. Do not be modest, you have to show why you are the best person to access the job.

Do not forget to provide an appropriate cover letter when applying for the job you want.

Good luck!

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