Google Classroom: How to give free online classes with this tool?

Google Classroom: How to give free online classes with this tool?
Google Classroom: How to give free online classes with this tool?

Google Classroom It is a tool with which you can give free online classes. Thanks to apps like this, there are zero excuses to stop education. This platform Google It will answer all your questions about how to teach online and at the same time help each of your students to organize their assignments, resources, work as a team and promote effective communication in the class.

On a global scale, we are going through a moment where all educational centers are forced to abide by the measure of closing their spaces for the prevention of COVID-19.

Given this scenario, Google Classroom and similar platforms could be the solution to avoid learning delays during the quarantine.

Today we are going to tell you everything about how to teach online with Google Classroom!

Who can use Google Classroom?

Until now, only the following profiles could use this tool:

  • Teaching centers in which use is made of the G Suite for Educational CentersIn other words, a series of Google tools created to train educators and students. To do this, you would first have to register the institution and wait for confirmation from Google.
  • Organizations in which it is used G Suite for Non-Profit Organizations. It is a system of tools and solutions similar to the previous one, but more focused on NGOs.
  • Users with a Gmail account personal. This makes it easier for many private teachers to continue managing their classes when they do not have the face-to-face option.

What actions can be carried out with Google Classroom?

To facilitate your work, Google Classroom offers you possibilities to carry out various actions such as:

Create participatory classes

and these you can invite teachers from different subjects to participate and contribute their materials and knowledge in the same way. They do use Google Classroom through the G-Suite of an educational center.

Control the deliveries of activities

Since on this platform you can assign activities and receive them back, notifying which ones met the deadline and which ones were uploaded with the expired time period. Google Classroom does an impeccable job organizing deliveries on its platform, so you can take advantage of it so you don’t miss a single detail.

Facilitate the way we share resources

This Google tool makes it easier to share materials that can be used to carry out an activity or take the course in a more preventative way, you can contribute links of interest, videos on YouTube, multimedia files and documents that are stored directly on Google Drive to access any moment.

Take your class everywhere

Google Classroom has a mobile application that you as an educator can access to update content and answer queries. On the other hand, your students will be able to access it when they need it, to ask questions and catch up on homework assignments.

Direct feedback

Sometimes during face-to-face classes, for whatever reason, attention to specific details can be lost, among these details is the topic of personalized feedback. On the other hand, with the virtual classes of Google Classroom, you will have more time and space to dedicate to communication educator-student where you can provide feedback, justifications for grades and aspects that could be improved within the learning.

How to use Google Classroom to teach online

Next, we will see how to use Google Classroom step by step.

  • The first thing will be to log in with your Gmail.
  • Access with the following link through the search engine: Another way to access it is to enter from the home page and click on the application’s icon displayed at the top right, then look for the whiteboard icon.
  • Now that you’re in Google Classroom, it’s time to create your first class: to do this, just click on the “+” symbol to display a small menu that will have the options of signing up for a class or creating a new one.
  • Select “Create a class” This way you will start creating your first class from scratch.
  • Accept the terms and Conditions.
  • The next screen will allow you to fill out the basic facts about the class. For example, the name, section, subject and classroom.
  • Done this step, it will allow your students to enter the class, Google Classroom generates a “Class code” that you can share with them to give them access.
  • With the class created in Google Classroom, you can start to edit, personalize and create discussions, activities, quizzes, questions, schedule announcements and answer your students.
  • In the area “Homework” Will be where you can access and view each task created. Click the “Create” button to start editing, explain a specific topic, and then propose and organize related assignments.
  • By selecting the option «Create tasks» In the assignments you make, you will be able to describe instructions for completion, assign a deadline/date of delivery and provide resources to your students so that they can support themselves when carrying it out. Then you can qualify the deliveries through the same Google Classroom application.

And you? Are you using Google Classroom or any virtual teaching platform that makes your life and that of your students easier in a virtual way?

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