Elevator Pitch: What is it, how to make yours

Elevator Pitch: What is it, how to make yours
Elevator Pitch: What is it, how to make yours

Elevator Pitch It is a short speech that will allow you to present ideas or projects making them stand out as attractive and innovative. Below we will see what exactly is an Elevator Pitch in addition to knowing some tips and examples so you can discover how to make your Elevator Pitch with honor registration.

But first of all… Imagine you get on an elevator, and there is the owner of the company where you have always wanted to work. A unique opportunity to get to know you, but you only have a minute to break the ice and take an interest in you. What would you say?

5 things to consider making an Elevator Pitch

Take note of these tips to create your Elevator Pitch.

Pitch Time is very important

The main key to building an Elevator Pitch that people remember and even use among its examples is that it must have a minimum duration, a maximum of one minute, although if you can do it in less time, the better! The brain usually does not hold attention for longer than that if it is not interested in speech.

Clarity is the foundation of the Elevator Pitch

An Elevator Pitch survives successfully if it is clear and concise When answering basic questions, we suggest you answer the following to create yours:

  • What do you want to achieve with your speech?: basically you must first answer this question internally and then include its answer in your Elevator Pitch. Many times what we want to achieve with the speech is implicit in his “Call to action” without having to verbalize directly, but we must always be clear about what we want to achieve, what is its objective.
  • In case you move within a particular market, what is their situation right now ?: the market, in this case, can be what is considered a market theoretically, but it can also take other forms according to the context for which you are building your Elevator Pitch. The truth is that to make known how we differentiate ourselves, we must know where we are, or what we are facing. To do this we must make aware of the general context.
  • What can you contribute to positively transform ?: Now that we know what context we are in, it is time to take the step of telling how it is that you or your enterprise are in full capacity to fix the downside, change it or increase your list of positives and differentiators.
  • Who are your competitors and how do you stand out above them?: here it is very important to be careful and not go into too deep details, which can also take away a lot of time from the Elevator Pitch. Describe the competition without naming it directly, and instead focus on making it clear how you differ from them.
  • What is your essence ?: This is one of those questions that it is not necessary to answer explicitly, but it spins and becomes clear throughout the development of your speech with each detail that you provide and above all, the way in which you provide it.

The Elevator Pitch has multiple uses

Many times there is a tendency to associate the idea with examples of speeches by great entrepreneurs trying to sell their ideas and projects to prestigious investors, shareholders, and clients. However, one of the reasons why more people are interested in how to make a good Elevator Pitch is not the only context to use it.

Knowing how to do an Elevator Pitch can be very useful, for example, in situations where you are interested in getting a job interview, negotiating a salary increase, asking for promotions and professional promotions, winning partners, persuading a jury, convincing people of joining a specific cause, among many other cases.

The end is not always the end

You have the idea that an Elevator Pitch is enough to automatically sell a good idea, although it is true that it can be achieved thanks to the high influence of this technique, the end is not always final.

What does this mean?

It means that the main function of an Elevator Pitch is not always to sell directly, its “Call to action” It is based on arousing enough interest in people to open a dialogue that will later serve as a bridge to achieve our objective.

An Elevator Pitch spins and anticipates

As we mentioned in the previous point, if you want to know how to make an Elevator Pitch you must know that its purpose is to give rise to a conversation, in this conversation new questions may also arise from your target. A Great Elevator Pitch anticipates a good part of those questions by spinning each one with the next, avoiding sudden jumps.

Likewise, if you have the opportunity to prepare your speech in advance, also anticipate examples of the possible questions that may be generated and work their answers harmoniously with your Elevator Pitch.

If possible, include figures

Some strategically used figures can attract attention quite well, try using figures that complement your Elevator Pitch whenever they play in your favor.

3 examples to inspire your Elevator Pitch

Here are 3 examples of Elevator Pitch for you to use for inspiration.

Elevator Pitch Example # 1

Did you know that the world lost 15.8 million hectares in the last year due to deforestation? I could not stand idly by and immediately it occurred to me to create a project to fight deforestation that is not only about offering environmental education at a theoretical level, but that goes directly to practice and so far we have achieved more than a million people join the task of reforesting forests. I am currently looking for partners who want to change the world and I would like to count on your support in the process.

Elevator Pitch Example # 2

Hello, my name is Carla! I am currently the executive director of a new app dedicated to the purchase, collection and home delivery of orders of all kinds. The best? Everything is in less than half an hour, unlike other companies of this type, which keep their time at approximately one hour and focus their services solely on the gastronomic sector. In one year we have achieved a million users in the most populated neighborhoods of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, the three largest cities in Spain. This is a growing sector that we are transforming thanks to our express services and the variety in the possibilities of orders, this added to the highly personalized way in which we provide customer service. We are looking for investors with a good eye to intuit the potential of this venture, would you like to know more?

Elevator Pitch Example # 3

Good morning, my name is Andrea! First of all, I want to highlight that for a while I have been a loyal customer of your company and I keep up to date with its news, but I have decided that it is time to make a turn and start growing with you, shortening the best with my research skills of markets to determine exactly what your customers expect with your service. He would be very happy to be part of your family! If you want you can see my resume and visit my blog where I write content focused on the market research area.

Hope this article and these examples have helped you to create your Elevator Pitch. Something very interesting has occurred to us. Would you like to share your Elevator Pitch with us in the comments? It is a unique opportunity to make yourself known. We read you in the comments.

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