Best options to study English abroad

Best options to study English abroad

If you want to study English abroad, you have to know what are the different alternatives that are presented to improve your language and also travel to another country.

When it comes to learning English, it is not only enough to do an English course abroad, you have to emphasize the language, immerse yourself fully in the language, read, speak, listen in this language… this is how you truly learn a language.

If you are reading this article, you are probably considering traveling to another country to learn English. If so, here you will find some options that you can use to learn or improve your English language level and also live a unique international experience.

We go there with the best options to study English abroad.

Perform an international volunteer

Practicing is learned, and what better way to learn English than to volunteer in another country.

Normally, in an international volunteer, you find people from all places. The most spoken language is English, so most will communicate in this language. Also, if you choose a country where the language of Shakespeare is the official language, you will surely listen, read and speak in English at all times.

The options for volunteering are huge. Of course, there is everything, volunteer programs where you have to pay a fee, others completely free, some volunteers are paid or others where you work only a few hours for food and lodging.

Perform an Au Pair in another country

As you well know, an Au Pair is based on taking care of the children of a family abroad. In this way, if you choose an English-speaking country, for example, the United Kingdom or Ireland, you will be living with a family whose language will be English.

By doing an Au Pair program you will greatly improve your language level since you are continuously practicing with children or family members as well as interacting in the place where the family is located: riding a bus, going to the supermarket, calling by phone … are some of the things you are going to do every day. In addition, you will be earning money while you learn English.

Work in summer abroad

There are many options to get a job in the summer abroad and take the opportunity to improve your English language level by carrying out an international experience.

You can work in a summer camp in Ireland or the United States, or about the options to work in hostelswork as a seasonal workerwork in amusement parks, work in festivals… You can find more options to work in the summer in different English-speaking countries. So surely you learn the language.

Professional internships abroad

If you want to learn or improve your English, you will have to do internships in an Anglo-Saxon country, or if not, choose a company where you know that you will communicate in this language. You can access a large number of opportunities to practice abroad here.

Take a language course

Obviously, it is one of the options to learn English abroad but, as you can see, it is not the only one. Taking a language course abroad brings many benefits although, in many cases, it involves high costs. Everything will depend on the academy.

The offer of language courses abroad is very wide. For example, ESL offers language courses in numerous destinations.  They have different programs that vary depending on their duration as well as their location.

If you are interested in taking a language course abroad, we recommend accessing the ESL website and requesting information on the form to know the prices and the different modalities.

Scholarships to study English abroad

The truth is that there are not as many scholarships to study English abroad as we would like. The scholarships Mec language, the Fulbright scholarships, or other private entities are offered by some of the grants to which we can choose to study English abroad.

They usually cover tuition fees and offer money for accommodation and travel expenses. Scholarships offered by private entities tend to have a greater endowment, although a smaller number of these are also offered.

Travel as a backpacker

Finally, if you consider yourself a true adventurer, you can take advantage of the summer to take the backpack and travel the world.

You can look for an economic flight to any destination and take the step and live an adventure. Surely on your return, the language will have improved a lot, in addition, you will have lived a lot of new experiences.

As you have seen, the options for studying English abroad are many, you can do it in a guided way or by yourself. You choose the path. And if you take the step and follow our advice to learn English abroad, we would like to know your experience, write to us!

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