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Being a coach is fashionable, and you earn pretty well

Being a coach is fashionable, and you earn pretty well


Being a coach is fashionable, and you earn pretty well

Being a coach is fashionable, and you earn pretty well, image via Adobe Stock

Being a coach is fashionable, and you earn pretty well

Making a little history, the coaching it has its remotest antecedent in Socratic philosophy and the way in which this Greek philosopher structured his thought and transmitted it to his disciples in the form of questions. In the current sense, coaching did not arrive in the United States until the 1970s and began to sound in the rest of the world around the year 2000.

Today it is present in many personal and professional settings around the world, where this discipline and its specialties have many followers. Sports coaching, nutritional coaching, emotional, political, business coaching, coaching for couples or even for pets… all areas that we can imagine have their coach.

As we say in the title of this post: being a coach is fashionable. Focused on getting the best out of us from within us, coaching began to be applied to the world of sports and, later, to jump into the company environment. Its success in improving performance and leading teams and people to achieve their goals has extended its influence to numerous sectors of activity, multiplying job opportunities for anyone who is trained in one of their specialties.

The income of a coach is not negligible, although, like everything in this life, they will always depend on your degree of involvement and dedication, on whether you really like yourself and on the worth and professional prestige. If we talk about business coaching, the hour stands at an average of 275 and 330 USD. As for personal coaching, prices are shuffled from 75 USD an hour.

How to become a coach?

Training in coaching is relatively simple, although it requires after hours of practice to become a good professional. If you think that your profile adapts to the motivation and training of teams and people, Working for the World makes available to all its users a complete list of coaching courses in their different disciplines that you can consult at this link.

The most attractive thing about coaching training is the wide range of opportunities it offers. If in the sports field it is already a well-established profile, coaching sessions have become more than usual in the business field, with highly demanded topics such as leadership, motivation, communication, time management, etc.

But, above all, coaching offers great possibilities when it comes to undertaking and establishing yourself. For example, nutritional coaching, stress management, health coach, coaching for couples… they can give you the possibility to offer your services independently and freelance, looking for your own clients.

If you are interested in the possibilities of dedicating yourself to the world of coaching, consult the training proposals that we offer you. Coaching is a future profession with great prospects for working and earning anywhere in the world.


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