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7 tips to succeed in a remote job interview

7 tips to succeed in a remote job interview


7 tips to succeed in a remote job interview

7 tips to succeed in a remote job interview, Image via Adobe Stock

7 tips to succeed in a remote job interview

The growth of remote work is a reality, so if you are currently looking for a job in this modality or already have a latent offer, it is time to prepare for a remote job interview by video conference. Today we give you our 7 secrets to successfully exit a remote job interview, take note and test them.

Take advantage of the waiting time to investigate fully

The good news is that if it is a remote job interview, it is common that you have left enough time (hours, days …) to take advantage, investigate and inform yourself of everything you should know about the company before the moment. of the video conference.

Use this opportunity to delve into the company and its activities to avoid one of the most common mistakes candidates make according to recruiters: not investigating the company that contacted you for a job interview.

Before you remote job interview, visit their website and social networks to learn basic information and how they communicate at the corporate level, who is part of their staff, who are their customers, their products and/or services, the projects in which they have had their participation, their mission, and vision, etc…

Are you interested in delving much deeper to succeed in your remote job interview? You could use tools like Glassdoor to make your company information search process even more comprehensive.

Check the status of your computer and your internet connection

Perfectly check and adjust technical details It can save you a lot of headaches during your remote job interview. It is enough with a failure in the internet connection to lose fluidity or feel that you gave an impression that you were not wanting.

Prevention is always better, much more if you have the preparation space that usually comes before the remote job interview. It is best to take a look at each technical aspect that will play a role in the interview: the webcam, the graphic quality, the audio, the browser, the video-conferencing application that you plan to use, the speed of the equipment and of course, the connection to the Internet.

Anyway, there are usually things that are beyond our control, if this is your case, do not panic, if any technical difficulty arises in your remote job interview, for example, the image freezes, the first step is to remain calm and keep professionalism at all times while solving the problem, you never know if your interviewer can still see you through the camera.

Find the quietest space

It seems obvious, but space can highly influence a remote job interview and therefore is part of those aspects that you must prepare carefully and in advance. Avoid at all costs the spaces where someone can interrupt unintentionally their unwanted noises, you can glimpse a disorganized environment background (it is best if possible to keep a white background that does not distract the interviewer), the illumination it is not adequate or it is simply spaced where you internally fail to enter a state of comfort, even when there is nothing negative that can be perceived on camera.

Structure your responses from the remote job interview

With this tip, you may have asked yourself: How can I structure my answers if I don’t know the questions yet? The reality is that there are certain questions that are super common in a remote job interview and as we like you very much, today we are going to reveal some to you so you can think about which answers might be more appropriate the anticipations and structures:

  • What is your experience in the world of remote work?
  • What tools have you used when collaborating on remote work?
  • How do you organize and structure your time to work remotely?
  • How do you manage tight delivery deadlines?
  • Do you use/feel comfort using time control software?
  • How is your home office?

Here are some resources for you to answer those questions:

The personal presentation does matter

One of the advantages of remote work that people who carry out their work within this modality boast so much is that they can work in their pajamas. Sounds comfortable, doesn’t it? Well, maybe that should be left for later because if you have a remote job interview the best thing is to take care of your personal presentation as much as if you were to have a face-to-face interview. Beware of dressing only from the middle up, huh!

In case the company has face-to-face operations, maybe you have some opportunity to investigate if she handles any dress code or looks at their social networks how the people who are part of the team dress.

If the company only has remote operations and there are not many clues to help you, just be careful not to dress too casual, and then during the job interview, you will be able to learn more about the style and flexibility of the company.

Have notes on hand

Since nobody is going to be looking at the first thing you have in front of you, it doesn’t hurt put some guidance notes over there, especially if you are one of those who get nervous during a job interview and do not want to forget important details or specific phrases that they had previously rehearsed, which brings us to the next point …

Rehearse before your job interview

It is not just about answering appropriately but responding with confidence. Confidence in a remote job interview also shows recruiters are trained to detect your levels of it even when they cannot observe every detail of your body language.

Confidence in a remote job interview will come mostly from the confidence you show in what you say and that is only built if you have rehearsed well. Some options at your disposal could be recording yourself with the webcam, asking someone you trust to help you practice, or even doing it in front of the mirror.

With these tips, are you ready or ready to give it your all in your next remote job interview? Have you ever had a remote job interview? How did you go?


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