7 Computer skills you can add to your resume

7 Computer skills you can add to your resume

Having these computer skills in your resume can be one of the main advantages over others when applying for a job. When you are preparing your CV to look for work, you should know that most employers look at the skills you have. We already told you in this article where we talked about personal skills.

Today, skills are one of the best resources to access a job. And in this case, technical skills are an excellent option to boost your CV.

Not only to occupy technological jobs, but they also serve most professions. In fact, in recent years, we have many training courses to update employees, especially related to technology. Therefore, if you want to update your resume to improve it, then you will know the technical skills that you can add to your CV to stand out from the rest.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has already become a classic, an intuitive, powerful and flexible tool that everyone should know how to use.

There is a lot of training, free courses, tutorials, YouTube videos… even a Master in Microsoft Excel… with what you can learn to use this powerful tool.

Social networks

Yes, surely you are thinking that you can add this skill to your resume since you have a Facebook page, an Instagram profile, and a Twitter account.

In theory yes, however, in the business perspective it works differently. In this case, you should know a little more, for example, better times to publish, access to data analytics, trends, how to build content and campaigns, etc.

Microsoft Office

If we have mentioned the technological ability to use Excel, the great program of the office package, we should not leave out the rest of the Office family: Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

These programs are so used, that most people usually add them to their curricula. Not bad, in fact, it often looks like something obvious to know how to use these tools.


HTML is the language of a markup language that is used to develop Internet pages. It is not necessary to be an expert, unless you are a web developer, having the ability to use this language will be favorable to many employers.

Google Suite

We live in a time where Google is omnipresent in our lives. Not only because of its search engine, but Google also has some of the most used applications worldwide. From your Gmail email service to other tools such as Drive.

Knowing these applications will be essential, but if you also know how to use the tools contained in Google Suite, your CV will grow.

Google Suites is widely used by new companies and startups. The good thing is that Google has a free online learning center so you can learn how all these applications are used. Do not miss it.

Graphic Design

Having knowledge with Graphic Design programs will be another of the technological skills that can boost your CV. Modify an image, add letters, give it another color… Today it is very easy to modify images without just knowing about design, you just have to know how to use some free online design programs.

For many profiles such as copywriter, community manager, teachers, not to mention designers, photographers, editors … this technological skill will be fundamental.

Data Analysis

Employers are always looking for people who can analyze data. As mentioned at the beginning, Excel is a fundamental tool for this. 

However, there is more, having skills with Google Analytics, or other analytics programs will be an advantage for your CV.

Conclusions About Computer Skills for Your CV

Technology moves at a dizzying pace, programs don’t stop updating and being up to date can sometimes be a bit chaotic. However, as you can see in the list, some of the technological skills presented last over the years, they are simply updated.

What must be clear is that if you do not have technological skills, surely, you begin to fall behind in an era like the one we are living more and more digital.

Whatever your profession, try to keep up with technological advances, computer tools for your work and add those skills to your resume. That the technical knowledge does not hinder your professional career.

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