6 Amazing Destinations to Learn Portuguese Abroad

6 Amazing Destinations to Learn Portuguese Abroad

If you want to learn Portuguese abroad, you must know which are the countries where you can learn this language. Not only is Portugal or Brazil available, but there are also other options to learn Portuguese around the world.

Generally, the decision to choose one or another destination to learn Portuguese will vary depending on your priorities as well as other determining factors: where is the country of destination, budget, opportunities, language schools, duration, the experience you want to live, etc.

There are more than 215 million people who speak Portuguese worldwide, being Brazil and Portugal, the main countries where this language is most spoken. In fact, it is the second most spoken language in South America.

Such is the case, that Portuguese is one of the most demanded languages ​​to work for. Learning this language will be very useful if you want to work in the countries mentioned. In addition, studying Portuguese abroad will bring you many benefits that will be reflected in your professional future as a personal. If you have the opportunity, do not let it escape.

In most countries and major cities in the world, you will find language schools where you can study and improve your language level. A good opportunity to travel to another country and meet different destinations while learning a language. Below we show you the 6 main destinations to learn Portuguese abroad:


Brazil is the most requested destination to learn Portuguese. It is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world.

A country full of culture, gastronomy, parties, color, beaches, surfing, adventure … if you decide on this destination, you probably want to spend more time to continue improving your language level.

In this country, you can find many opportunities to learn Portuguese in different cities: Olinda, Salvador de Bahia, Sao Paulo… among others.


Portugal is a country much smaller than Brazil. It is a European destination full of history. Its capital, Lisbon, is a unique tourist city with a lot of charm, and it is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Its colorful houses, cobblestone streets, photogenic trams of the capital, its delicious cuisine, culture, and life in its streets, the long beaches, surfing… Portugal is a fascinating destination if you want to spend a season to learn the Portuguese language. Here you can find Portuguese courses in Portugal.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde, located west of Senegal, is an interesting archipelago of nine islands where you can learn Portuguese. Cape Verde is known as the “island of happiness”, an African destination of paradisiacal beaches, lush nature, and tropical climate.

Most of the inhabitants of Cape Verde speak Portuguese as a second language, in fact, it is very similar to the Portuguese spoken in Portugal, yes, they have variations. A very interesting place if you want to travel and learn the language.

Sao Tome and Principe

If we continue from Cape Verde down on the map, reaching the Gulf of Guinea, we find another of the African destinations where you can learn Portuguese.

This is Sao Tome and Principe, a country formed by several islands where the most widely recognized language is Portuguese. This destination has incredible beauty and charm. A volcanic land full of jungle and surrounded by a turquoise sea.

The Portuguese language spoken in this destination may vary greatly from the conventional European, in fact, the Portuguese spoken in the islands is older than the standard.


Can you imagine learning Portuguese in Asia? If you are looking for a peculiar destination to learn Portuguese, this is without a doubt.

Macao is an old Portuguese colony currently territory of China. A destination that mixes colonial architecture with Chinese temples, tall buildings of modern Asian cities and luxurious casinos.

Although most people in Macau speak Cantonese, the Portuguese language remains an important part of the culture. In fact, you can see posters and signage in this language throughout the city.


Traveling to Mozambique to learn Portuguese can be a great experience. If you are passionate about the African continent, you want to know the culture of this magnificent country and how not, learn or improve your level of Portuguese language, Mozambique is a destination like no other.

A country with a tropical climate located in Southeast Africa. Here you can find long beaches with turquoise waters where to dive, practice water sports or relax chatting in Portuguese with the inhabitants of the area.

40% of Mozambique inhabitants speak Portuguese. Although the language takes some variations, it is based on the standard European pronunciation.

Conclusions about learning Portuguese abroad

As you can see, the options to learn Portuguese abroad go beyond well-known Portugal or Brazil.

Obviously, these two countries offer more options to study in schools and work with this language, however, if you have an adventurous spirit, the range of opportunities to learn Portuguese increases. What country would you choose to learn this language? 

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