5 App with Free Courses to learn at any time

5 App with Free Courses to learn at any time

We spent the day glued to the phone screen, more than 5 billion people around the world are hooked on their smartphone. A pretty striking figure. If you want to dedicate part of your time to doing something productive, there is a series of  App with Free Courses that you can use at any time and use your time to learn something new. Are you interested?


Coursera is one of the best known online training platforms. It offers free online courses from the best universities and institutions around the world. These courses are completely free, you only have to pay if you want to obtain the certificate, something optional.

The well-known MOOC course platform also has an app where you can learn at any time using your phone.


Udemy is a learning platform that offers many online courses. Unlike the Mooc course platforms, the Udemy courses are carried out by expert creators in the field.

Although it has a large training catalog, many of the courses are paid, however, they make very aggressive offers, reducing costs to around $10 often. It also has many free courses.

This online course platform has an application to do the courses.


Edx is another of the well-known platforms of massive open online courses (MOOC). This platform has courses from major universities around the world; Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, Berkeley, among others and even companies like Microsoft also offer training through it.

Like Coursera, Edx also has an application to take courses through your smartphone from anywhere and at any time.


SoloLearn is an app that has the largest training library to learn programming, from beginner to professional level.

You can choose from thousands of programming topics were to learn concepts, stay updated, etc. They also have a community of millions of programmers around the world.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that has a training platform created in 2006 by American educator Salman Khan, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

This training platform has interesting agreements with NASA, MoMa or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology among others.

You can also find free courses through its app to learn from anywhere.

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