20 Tips to Make a Successful Resume

20 Tips to Make a Successful Resume

Making a successful resume is simple as long as you know the steps to follow. Writing a CV can be very tedious, however, this document will be the key to being able to access a job interview, and subsequently, the job you want. If you want to have the best curriculum of the year, you must pay attention and follow these tips to develop a successful CV.

To write a resume, it is not only enough to fill in a paper with your personal data, studies and work experience. A resume is much more than that, a CV is your passport to the world of work, so you should take care of it to the fullest.

A winning CV should draw attention to the employer. Although times are changing at a dizzying pace when hiring employees where many companies rely more on skills than experience. The curriculum vitae continues to play a fundamental role in seeking employment.

Whether it’s the first time you write a curriculum vitae, or if you need to update yours because it’s been a while since you renew it, follow these step-by-step tips that will help you get the job you want.

20 tips that will help you write a successful resume

It is essential that you work well these tips to develop a successful CV Once you have done it, you can add improvements or rectify depending on the job offer you are going to apply for.

The fundamental thing is to create an excellent CV that will serve as a basis for presenting it to companies. Prepared?

Design and curriculum templates

Today there are a large number of resume templates of all kinds. You can use them, a boring resume has a greater number of chances of ending up in the bin. However, it is not appropriate to abuse extravagant designs.

Choose a design that is visually appealing, this does not mean that it is loaded with colors and shapes, simply that it has a “beautiful” design that attracts attention without being too exaggerated.

Readable font

Choose a readable font, take care of colors, presentation and spaces so that it can be easily read. A resume full of poorly readable and crowded letters is very unlikely to be read by the employer. Make it easy. Don’t choose a pink sans comics font to make your resume!


When preparing your resume, avoid abbreviations, maybe you are very used to seeing abbreviations in your sector, however, for the employer, this can be somewhat confusing and not knowing very well what you mean.


A resume is scannable when a person can capture the most important data they need quickly. When you have a high amount of curriculum, you usually look over to make a previous phase of selection, if your CV is scannable, the first phase will pass without problems.

Resume Size

It is not necessary to add folios and folios for training and experience. The curriculum should be simple and concise if you have to add a lot of information, try not to pass more than two pages. However, a folio would suffice. You don’t need more space to write a resume.

Curriculum Language

Something very important to keep in mind when writing a resume is for whom it is intended. If you are looking for a job abroad, obviously, you must do your CV in the corresponding language.

Personal information

Attention to this section! There are many people who develop a very professional curriculum but leave this section behind. A single failure when writing personal data, putting a wrong telephone number or a letter of the wrong email, can be the result of a resume they will never contact, not because they don’t want to, but because the contact is wrong.

The best advice is that you review your personal data several times before completing the preparation of your resume. Check your name, surname, email and phone number well.

Take care of your email, if you still have an email with your name that you put years ago to share it with your friends, it is better that you open a new more professional email.

Blog and Social Networks

If you have a professional blog or account with social networks where your personal brand can be known, do not hesitate to add it to the personal data information.

A strong personal brand, today, is one of the best references for you to be hired without even reading your resume. Work your personal brand and you will see how work arrives without you looking for it.


Another of the fundamental aspects when writing a successful resume will be to choose a good photograph. You have to give a good image, professional, it is useless to choose any photo you have on your Instagram account.

Photography says a lot about you. If you can’t go to a professional photographer to take a picture for your resume, you can follow some of these tips:

  • It must be a front photograph.
  • The size should be like the passport-type photograph.
  • A slight slight smile will be pleasant, however, avoid laughing out loud.
  • Take care of the frame of the photograph.
  • Use neutral or solid colored backgrounds. White always works
  • Take advantage of ambient light. White or natural light better than yellow light. Try to take the picture by the day.
  • Costumes: it is not necessary to leave a suit, do not dress up. However, this will depend on the job you want to apply for.
  • Try to appear in the picture with your current look. That they recognize you in the interview!

Extra tip: use the same picture on your social networks, so if they search your profile on Google, they will recognize you at the moment.

Header Title

The CV must have a title, either in the header or just below your personal data. In it, you will include the information that defines you as a professional. It is about adding a description of your professional area, for example: “SEO expert in e-commerce”.


In this section, one of the most important of the curriculum, you must add the experience you have, especially if you have worked in a similar position before. Ideally, add it in chronological order in reverse, you must first put the last job you had. You should not put in all the jobs you have been, simply, those that are related to the job you are applying for.

If you want to give visibility to one of the parties at some time, you can use bold. Also, you can add experience in jobs that provide skills and complement the position you are applying for.

When the experience is written, what recruiters want to know is what you have learned and what knowledge you have acquired throughout your stay in the previous position. That accumulated experience is what recruiters value.


In this section, you have to put the latest studies or training that you are most interested in highlighting. It is not necessary that you include all the courses you have taken. For example, if you have studied a university degree, it is clear that you have successfully passed high school, therefore, you do not need to include it.

When it comes to including complimentary training, it will only be essential that has to do or is related in some way, with the job you want to apply for. For example, if you are looking for a job like SEO, you don’t need to include the cooking course, or the pottery, that you did.

When writing the training, you can indicate the start and end date of the course, as well as the duration in hours and the center or institution where you have done it. The latter is very striking for many employers, for example, imagine that you have done one of these free courses at Harvard University, add them to your resume!

Indicate your language level correctly

One of the things where you usually lie most when preparing a curriculum is at the language level. Sometimes something is included that is not, at other times, it is simply not known how to include the language level. Here is a guide on how you should indicate your language level in a curriculum.

Skills and skills in the curriculum

This is one of the most important curriculum points today by many companies. More than training or experience in a job, what they are looking for, especially companies such as Google or Facebook, are people with specific skills and attitudes to fill a job.

For this reason, you should consciously include this point. It is very important, even if you place it at the end of the curriculum, it is one of the most striking parts.

Avoid adding unnecessary information

Many times more information is added than is really needed. The employer a large number of curriculums, and the last thing you want, is to read an extensive curriculum where you have to find what you are looking for between an extensive and inaccurate text. It prevents the information from being superfluous, irrelevant, and obviously, that it is obsolete.

Spelling mistakes

Review your resume several times, use the text editors and check that you have no misspellings. It is very important that you do not make spelling mistakes because they cause a bad impression at first glance.

Resume Title

If you are going to send your resume by email, give it a title so that the employer knows who it is and what your profile is. For example, you can save your resume as “Your name” and then Community Manager Curriculum

In this way, the employer will know perfectly what he is receiving, and also, it will be easier to locate your resume.

Cover letter

Accompanying your resume with a cover letter is a practice that can encourage you to achieve that job interview. To do this, we recommend that you work your cover letter.

Curriculum gaps

To pay attention to the gaps in your resume. This is something that the employer can detect. Sometimes these gaps are explained by training periods that will be written in the training section.

If you have been traveling the world during that time, you can include it as skills, having traveled and known other places in the world are very good for your curriculum since it offers skills that you cannot obtain otherwise.

Include extra documents

It is not necessary to include extra documents when sending your resume. At least, if not mentioned otherwise. Everything you put on the resume is supposed to be true and does not require verification by the curriculum.

Therefore, do not lie when making adding training or experience that you do not have. In the long run, it can harm you.

We hope you can work and make your resume with this point-to-point guide and that you develop a successful CV that stands out from the rest and you can access the job you want.

If you want, you can leave us a comment with your opinion about this article. Good luck!

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