15 very useful skills you can learn online for free

15 very useful skills you can learn online for free

There are a number of very useful skills that can help you boost your career, and in general, in your day today. These are skills that you can learn online for free and that are highly valued. Don’t miss these 15 very useful skills that you can learn online for free.

To learn a new language

Today you can learn a language from the comfort of your home, while you are in public transport or the gym. There are many applications to learn English or another language, courses, tutorials, and others that you can use to learn languages ​​at your own pace from anywhere.

Learn Excel

Spreadsheets, or known Excel, is one of the most used tools today. Not only for companies, but it is also very useful for people who work as freelancers, students, and in general, for everyone. Knowing how to use Excel will save you tons of time.


We live in the era of technologies, applications, robots, an era in which knowing programming is like knowing English, one more language, a very valuable skill that can open the doors to the professional world.

Writing Articles

It is one of the skills that everyone should work on. It can help you as a student or in your professional career, work for a company as if you are an entrepreneur. In fact, it can even make you earn some money, check out these websites that pay you for writing.


If your passion is the world of photography, you can improve your ability with the camera with some free photography courses. On the internet, you can find dozens of tutorials, free courses, and information to learn basic skills and take your passion to the next level.


Learning Photoshop you will get a very useful ability to work as with images. From photo retouching to designing logos and other graphics for web portals or marketing materials.

Public speaking

Public speaking may be one of the most complex and difficult to manage skills. It has not happened to you that when you see someone speaking in public so that they have a gift for it, yes, there are people who have it, but everything can work. Not everyone who lectures knew how to speak in public properly.


You base your diet on fast food, pre-cooked food, or always prepare the same dishes. One skill that will completely change your life will be to learn to cook. There are many free cooking courses on the net to get this skill.

Personal finance

There are many people who do not know how to manage their money, as they earn something, they spend it. Knowing how to manage your finances is one of the very useful skills that you can learn for free online and that will save you many headaches. You can even learn to invest it and generate more income.

Sign language

According to estimates by the World Federation of the Deaf, about 70 million people around the world have hearing impairments. Surely it is not a skill that you have considered but it is not bad to learn a new language. You never know when you’re going to have to use it.

Learn to use WordPress

WordPress has become a tool to manage blogs and web portals. Getting the ability to know how to use WordPress can help you create a personal blog and make yourself known to the world to access your future job or create a successful blog that allows you to live the life you want.

Microsoft Word

Knowing how to use the Microsoft Word tool is a very valuable resource. It is the quintessential text editor, no matter if it is Microsoft or another provider, the ability to use a text editor is essential from school.


Mathematics is an indispensable skill in everyday life, both personal and professional. It’s not about having a great ability to calculate countless numbers, but having the ability to do basic calculations without having to use a computer is very useful.


Knowing how to sell is essential. From selling a product to selling yourself to access a specific job. It is a skill you get and it serves you for the rest of your life. Also, knowing how to sell, you’ll never lack work.

Conclusions about very useful skills that you can learn for free online

Today you can get almost any skill for free by learning online. We live in an era of history where education is available to anyone who can access a computer and the Internet. You can learn almost anything.

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