15 online resources to learn new languages from home

15 online resources to learn new languages from home

Learning a language from home can be an odyssey. It takes time and effort to learn and speak a new language. However, the benefits of knowing another language are enormous, including being able to opt for a greater number of job opportunities.

Knowing several languages ​​opens the doors to you in the professional world, it is nothing new. It is a great advantage for your resume and you will have an advantage when it comes to getting a job in front of other people who do not know languages.

It will help you to be able to communicate with other people, you can talk with more clients and companies, it will increase your chances of getting a better job, it will open you up to a large number of international opportunities.

How many job offers have you found that are looking for people who are bilingual? Surely many.

Now, what language to learn? Chinese, English, Russian, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese… There are thousands of languages ​​you can choose from.

Of course, there are languages ​​that offer greater chances of employment than others. Here you can see an infographic with the most spoken and most studied languages from around the world and in this other article you can know which are the most demanded languages ​​to work.

Tips that will help you learn a language quickly

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Mastering a language can take a lifetime, however, you can learn to learn a language in a few months. How? Here are some tips that will help you learn a new language quickly:

Learn the most used words first

Emphasize the most important words, the ones you are going to use the most. Bathing, eating, talking, paying… Then you can learn the rest of less used words (animal names, technical words, etc).

Use a common language

Learn a colloquial language, for this you can create a routine of one hour or more each day by listening, watching, reading and writing in the corresponding language.

Talk to natives

Nothing better to learn a language than to speak with natives. It is the best way. You can do it traveling to countries where the language you want to learn is spoken or you can also talk to people from other countries through Skype, applications, forums… You can start using these web portals where you can exchange languages.

Use the dictionary

A dictionary is essential to learn new words. Always carry it on. Now it is much simpler with the smartphone that allows you to carry dictionary applications in your pocket or applications such as the Google translator.

Think of another language

It may sound strange but thinking of another language is a good resource for learning another language.

Do not be afraid

Many times no other language is spoken for fear of failure, not pronouncing well, or being ashamed. Don’t worry, nobody is born knowing.

Online resources to learn a language from home

There are many ways to learn languages, you can study abroad, or in a language academy, learn by talking with other people or learn a language on your own. Everyone develops in a different learning environment.

However, when learning a language from home there are a number of free and online resources that can help you.

  1. Free English course with ABA English movies
  2. Duolingo
  3. LiveMocha
  4. Google translator
  5. Busuu
  6. Babbel
  7. BBC Languages
  8. Memrise
  9. Rhinospike
  10. Anki
  11. Polyglotclub
  12. My language exchange
  13. Openculture
  14. Omniglot
  15. Forvo

Technology has completely changed the way we learn and now we have access to endless resources that make our lives easier. Take advantage of the free education available to you.

You will not learn a language in a day, but if you have the resources to devote the corresponding time and learn a language.
Create goals and try to reach them. Good luck!

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