10 Apps to learn English for free

10 Apps to learn English for free

If you are interested in learning English to travel, study or work abroad, these applications to learn free English should not be missing on your phone. A list where we show you the best applications to study English without spending money.

Knowing English is essential, it is the universal language and one of the most requested languages ​​to work in addition, essential if you like to travel. Therefore, you have to put the batteries if you still do not defend yourself with this language, today, we have it easier thanks to the apps that we can carry on our phone and practice English at any time of the day.

There are lots of applications to learn languages. We have made a selection of the best applications to learn English for free. In this way, you will not waste time searching among dozens of apps and you can get started to start improving your English level.

Most of these apps to learn English are free. Some include free plans this is that you have access to part of the application or that you simply see ads, such as Spotify, nothing that we are not used to anymore.

With so many facilities, do you really not want to learn or improve your level of English? Check out these applications to learn English for free and start improving your language level.


Duolingo is the best known English learning application. Its format of learning or improving your language level step by step is exceptional. You can read, write, speak… as if it were a game.

ABA English

ABA English is one of the applications that we like the most to learn English, in addition to the previous one. Use a natural method to learn by watching videos. There are courses at all levels (from basic A1 to advanced level business or bilingual C2).

Learn English for Free

Another of the most famous applications for learning English is “Learn English for Free“. It has complete, fast, effective and fun English courses. You decide your agenda to learn to speak, write and understand this language without having to attend classes.


Busuu is the largest network for learning languages ​​in the world. You can learn English vocabulary, grammar and practice pronunciation. Everything you need in your pocket.

Rubi Rei

Do you like to play video games? Imagine that you can learn English by playing a 3D adventure video game, yes, as you were playing Fortnite. This is Rubi Rei, an application to learn English interacting through a video game. You have to try it!

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an application with which you can learn English as well as other languages. Like Aba English, its methodology is based on listening to conversations and observing images. This app to learn English also has voice recognition so you can practice pronunciation.


Memrise is an online learning tool that offers English courses as well as other languages ​​and subjects. These courses are created by your community. The tool is also available in application format to learn English from anywhere with thousands of videos of native speakers and fun and effective exercises to polish the language.


Quizlet is a good application to learn vocabulary. It offers a large number of tools and study games to learn English from wherever you want whenever you want. In addition, this app synchronizes all your data with the website, because if you get tired of the phone, you can also learn English from your computer.


Voxy is an exclusive application to learn English. More than four million people in more than 150 countries use this app to learn English for free. It is available for both Android and iOS.


Last but not least, another application to consider when learning English, is Lingualia. In it, you can access adapted English courses based on your knowledge.

Conclusions on the best applications to learn English for free

In history there have been so many options to learn English so easily and from anywhere, taking your classes in your pocket and being able to do them whenever you want.

You can use them in your spare time when you go in the subway, the bus, at the airport, you’re waiting for something, sitting watching the TV, having a coffee or lying in a hammock … in all those times where you have a hole you can learn English.

The good thing about studying through these applications to learn English for free is that they are getting better, they are in continuous development to provide the best methodology to users so that they can have continuous learning based on small doses of the practice of the language.

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