What is the difference between Curriculum Vitae and Resume

What is the difference between Curriculum Vitae and Resume
What is the difference between Curriculum Vitae and Resume

The difference between Curriculum vitae and Resume is basically the size of the documents and countries where it is used. Surely you have seen many job offers where a resume is requested or others where you are asked to send your resume, with the latter sure that you will be quite familiar.

The curriculum and the summary are two very similar documents. Both documents are used to find employment. They reflect the information about your professional life, studies and other fundamental aspects to apply for a job, however, they are two different documents.

Then you will know more in-depth and understand the differences that exist between a curriculum vitae and a resume, although it may seem the same and you may be somewhat involved at the beginning with these terms, it is normal, sure that then you will have everything clearer.

Data of interest to understand the differences between Curriculum Vitae  and Resume

Here are the key differences between these documents and which one you should use to look for work.

The curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae provides all the information about a person’s career, from studies to experience, skills, personal data, etc. It is a fairly complete document with the information an employer needs. Although a very large CV is not recommended, it may contain two or more pages.

If you look closely, the CV or curriculum vitae means in Latin something like the career of lifeA document showing the trajectory of a person throughout his life. All relevant details are included here.

The Resume

The resume is basically the same as the CV, it also offers information about each person’s profile, simply, the resume has less extension. It does not usually turn a page.

Resume, which is a French term, means to summarize. The word itself defines it as a shorter document, with the information that you can add to a CV but more summarized.

This model is mainly used in companies in the United States, however, many companies in other countries are opting for this model. Especially American companies established abroad.

Don’t worry, it is usually mentioned in the offer when you have to send one or another model. However, if you are looking for work in the United States, you should use the resume.

There are many options to make a resume or CV. If you want to get to the point and not waste time, there are some tools that have many templates to fill out and download both resumes and cv models.

We hope this article has helped you understand the difference between Curriculum Vitae and Resume.

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