What is Teleworking and Where to look for a job

What is Teleworking and Where to look for a job

The telecommuting is here to stay. There are more and more opportunities of this kind, and in the not too distant future, a large number of the population will telework. But… What exactly is telecommuting and where can you find opportunities of this kind. Here we tell you all the details.

What is teleworking?

Teleworking, remote work or remote work, whatever you want to call, allows you to work in a different place than the office. Let’s say it’s a way of working remotely thanks to new technologies without having to go to the office.

Remote work offers the opportunity to work from home, from a hotel, library… basically from anywhere in the world. Simply having an internet connection and a computer is usually enough.

Generally, one of the main characteristics of teleworking is that it is usually marked by objectives and not by hours of work. This brings many benefits both personal and for the company.

Advantages of teleworking

Teleworking offers great advantages, including:

  • Flexibility: It may be the most desired by most, the biggest advantage of teleworking. You can organize your work time according to your needs and in this way, work does not prevent you from enjoying other things in life. In fact, for many, distance work is a unique opportunity to balance professional and family life, sports, or other hobbies such as travel.
  • Savings in transport: Another of the great advantages will be the reduction of expenses in transport: gasoline, car, bus, subway … People who live in big cities can lose many hours a month just having to travel to work.
  • Productivity: There are studies that show that people who work from home, or from anywhere, are more productive.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs: Office expenses, both direct and indirect, are drastically reduced.
  • Attracting better talents: The opportunity to work remotely means that they can hire better professionals who, if they had to go to the office, would not have accepted the job due to distance or other factors.

Disadvantages of teleworking

Obviously, there are also a number of disadvantages that must be taken into account.

  • Disconnect from work:  Many times, when work is at home, it is very difficult to disconnect. You have to know how to differentiate between personal and professional life. For this, there are some tips such as having a specific place to work, create schedules, etc.
  • Performance:  Although in most cases the productivity is usually higher, there are times where the employee can lower the quantity and quality of work.
  • Identification with the company: The fact of working from home and not going to the office, sharing with colleagues, can create a feeling of less identification with the company.

Where to look for telecommuting opportunities

When looking for opportunities for telecommuting, you should keep in mind that there are several options: work for others or work for a company.

You loved options are feasible to work remotely. When you work as a freelancer offering services and you can do it by simply having your computer and internet connection, it is teleworking.

On the other hand, more and more companies realize the benefits that telework offers by offering a greater number of opportunities to work remotely, telecommuting options that you can perform from anywhere.

Conclusions on Teleworking

Have you ever dreamed of being able to work lying in a hammock, under a palm tree on a Caribbean beach? That is not teleworking.

But distance work does give you the opportunity to do your job comfortably at a desk with your computer at the time you choose and to enjoy the sun’s rays in the hammock at your rest on that Caribbean beach. Do you understand the concept?

More and more companies offer the opportunity to telework. New Startups and companies that see the benefits of working at a distance for both employees and themselves.

We hope that this article will help you to understand more about this work modality and that you can access opportunities for distance work.

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