What is office automation and what are its main programs

What is office automation and what are its main programs
What is office automation and what are its main programs

The office is a system that is based on a number of techniques, applications, programs and tools to achieve office automation through the use of technology.

Office automation and its main programs focus mainly on covering tasks and needs related to data processing for information collection, communication, presentation, organization of activities and calculation.

The programs that mainly revolve around them, offer numerous benefits when it comes to speeding up tasks without needing to be highly qualified to carry them out, however, you have to have a series of knowledge in their main software to enjoy The benefits of this form of automation.

Below are the main office automation programs that you must manage and include in your office.

Microsoft Word

It is the best-known office program of all. As you know, it is a word processor that gives you the opportunity to create, edit and modify text documents.

This program from Microsoft has a number of keyboard shortcuts that precisely the handle will make your office life much easier and faster.

Microsoft Excel

Another of the essential office automation programs, with this you will have your arithmetic operations at a click and in the most automated way thanks to its spreadsheets. It is a basic business and surprisingly, many people are not qualified to handle it.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Surely you have already used it to create visual presentations and it has been very useful. It allows you to combine multimedia slides with images, texts, sounds, videos, and even animations.

Google Drive

It is a safe place for all your files since it saves them in the cloud so you can quickly access them from any of your connected devices (and you can even configure the option to view them even when you are offline).

Google Docs

Hosted on Drive, it’s like the “cloud” and much more interactive version of the Microsoft Word program. It allows you to create, edit documents and receive accurate feedback from anywhere in the world.

Google Slides

It is the equivalent of Microsoft PowerPoint in the free office suite and in the cloud offered by Google. It will allow you to create more interactive presentations and that will end the classic compatibility problems that sometimes occur when we use PowerPoint between computers with different operating systems.

Google Spreadsheets

It is an office service very similar to Microsoft Excel, but with the ease of staying on the web for easy access when sharing and making unplanned editions.

Dropbox/Dropbox Paper

Like Google Drive, it also hosts multimedia files within reach of the entire computer anywhere. Inside it has a tool called Dropbox Paper that allows the creation of collaborative documents that will bring efficiency to teamwork.


This program allows users to communicate through video calls, instant messages and share files with others who own this program and anywhere in the world.


Zoom is part of that list of web programs/applications that serve as an alternative to Skype that offices adopt more every day, especially to manage remote computers and facilitate their conferences via video call.


Slack is an office tool that presents real-time communication channels divided by themes, groups, and integration with other very useful applications in the digital era.

It is one of the programs related to the office life of recent popularity thanks to the growth it has obtained in recent years in companies related to the development of new technologies, advertising and communication agencies.


Asana is a program or web application that reaches the world of office automation to organize by projects, tasks, subtasks, and equipment. Many companies place all confidence in it, including companies like Facebook.

With Asana you will have the opportunity to centralize in a single application the management of all these tasks in a global way, being able to organize the information in different projects, giving priority or labeling your own tasks, assign them to other people who are part of the project, etc. Synthesis: also managing productivity in our projects.


Trello is a project management tool based on the model and system of the agile Kanban methodology.

The ease of Trello for project management is that it records even the smallest detail and just like in the Kanban methodology, it does so in a very visual way so as not to lose sight of when it comes to activities to be executed, activities that are being performed at the time and activities that have already ended.

To finalize on the office automation programs

As you will see, these office automation programs make our life easier thanks to how intuitive they are when operating and meeting other important criteria such as being accessible without incurring extra money, being adaptable to the growth of business needs and solving problems instead. of adding them

Every day more packages and suites arise that offer solutions with a list of office automation programs with the promise of fixing your day to day, for this we must say that each business sector, business or independent professional service is unique and needs also They are.

Do you use any of these programs? Is it on the list? Have you added it to your resume? Comment and let him know!

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