Upwork: What it is and how you can work remotely

Upwork: What it is and how you can work remotely
Upwork: What it is and how you can work remotely

Upwork is one of the main tools available on the internet to find a job as a freelance and work from home or from anywhere in the world. If you are looking for employment opportunities that allow you to work remotely, this interests you.

What is Upwork

Upwork is a totally free platform that connects freelance professionals and agencies with companies looking for specialized talents to develop a project.

Basically, this platform works as an intermediary (something like Airbnb) between companies and professionals or agencies looking for new projects, in addition, the platform, very intuitive and easy to use, offers comforts such as facilitating communication between both parties and ease in the payment methods.

Upwork, in addition to its web version that you can access through your computer, is also available in an application for both Android and iOS, being able to be informed of new projects at any time and place.

What kind of professionals can enroll in Upwork

The platform is available for professionals from various areas:

  • Web, mobile and software development
  • IT and networks
  • Big Data and analysis
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Design and creative
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Legal
  • Support
  • Administrative
  • Customer service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounting and Consulting

How to start generating revenue with Upwork

Below you will find the best tips for using this platform properly so that you can access projects and start generating income.

Create a good profile

The profile will be your entry letter for companies, something like your resume and even similar to your LinkedIn profile. You can’t get a job without one.

When you are going to open a new Upwork account, if you use an email from Gmail or another provider, they will notify you if you do not prefer to use a professional email. A very important detail to offer a more professional image.

Add the type of work you do, skills, experience level, Education, Languages​​… Be honest when filling in the information, otherwise, sooner or later, they will realize and your profile can become closed.

You can also add the rate you charge per hour, a title and general description that defines you as a professional (you can use the same LinkedIn), profile picture, location, and phone.

As a tip, if you’re not sure how much to charge for your work hour, you can check the rates of other freelancers in Upwork who have a similar experience.

Once you complete the entire process and the platform verifies it, you will have your profile open. It usually takes about 24 hours.

Connect with companies

Once you have your profile created in Upwork, it’s time to connect with companies. To do this, you must send the proposals. Upwork gives you a list of projects you can work on and you have to send them a proposal. eye! Choose carefully which projects interest you.

If someone contacts you, they will look at your profile, so you should take good care of this section of your account and keep it updated. Showing your best work and highlighting your professional experience can help you stand out from other profiles.

If you have been accepted a project, as in other platforms of a similar operation, both the company and the professional can rate how it has been. If you have successfully completed many projects, you will have greater opportunities to be chosen for another project in the future.

Prices in Upwork

Upwork has a very simple pricing system based on the amount of revenue a customer generates. For example, if you generate between 500.01 to $10,000, the toll charges you a commission of 10%. If you exceed this figure, it is 5%. If it is less than $500, the commission will be 20%.

You can charge your projects in several ways:

  • A fixed price for projects.
  • Price per hour.

To withdraw the money, you can do it through Paypal.

One of the tips we give you when establishing the prices of a project, especially if they are very low, is to negotiate the price of it. You can upload a bit depending on the project. You do not have to take the established price to the letter.

What price do I put at the beginning?

If you are new to the platform, you have to create a profile that stands out. To do this, you can start doing some cheaper jobs to complete your profile and get scores and recommendations.

In this way, you will quickly create a robust profile that can boost your account by creating a reputation on this platform.


Upwork is one of the many tools to find employment as a freelancer and work from home or from anywhere in the world offering your services.

Like everything, it is difficult for you to open an account and start working from day one, however, it is not impossible. Everything will depend on how you do the previous steps, create your profile and, of course, have a bit of luck. There are many people who are on this platform.

If you want to know more opportunities for freelance, here you can access the best websites and tips to work as a freelance from home or from anywhere in the world.

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