Top 5 Free Blog Platforms in 2020

Top 5 Free Blog Platforms in 2020

Having a blog is essential if you want to create and manage your personal brand to make a difference and access a job, either to show who you are to a company or to offer your services and to know your work as a freelance. Make no mistake about it, a blog is the best resume that exists. Therefore, if you still do not have a blog, here you will find out what the best free blog platforms.


Since its launch in 2012, this species blogger network, devised by one of the founders of the popular social network, Twitter, little by little it has attracted the attention of many users, reaching even 60 million monthly visitors.

With a simple interface, a minimalist text editor, and a large number of categories and themes on which you can develop texts and stories that are very valuable to the community, Medium is one of the free platforms to open a blog where you have more possibilities to grow by sharing your content.

In addition, it is a platform that promotes the dissemination of publications that users “applaud” and consider attractive, using its algorithm to prioritize these contents on the home page of those users who would potentially be interested in reading you.

In addition to the dozens of topics and categories that you can address with your texts (from art, business, science, to technology, sports, design, etc…), it is also a platform where content associated with opinions about the panorama of current news, from the point of view of information, research and/or reflection, therefore, if you are interested in addressing a current issue, this is a good place to start.

Who could take advantage of Medium?

Who could take advantage of Medium?

Medium is special for content creators specialized in the written medium, wanting to share and argue different points of view about one or more topics, but always starting from texts with an adequate length and well-articulated when expressing themselves.

For whom is it not recommended to use Medium?

It is not a recommended platform for creators who want to focus on using a blog to share multimedia content, since Medium prioritizes written content at all costs.

It is also not recommended for creators who want to share written content, but with a minimal and direct length (microblogging style).


Launched in 2013, it is the most popular content management platform in the world. is a content management system (CMS).

To register in WordPress, you just have to go to and open a free account. The registration process will not take you long and when you least expect it, you will be deciding your first template to define the look of your blog and writing your first entry.

The good thing about WordPress is that you can design your blog however you want, there are many designed themes that you can select and use on your blog, this opens up many possibilities for you to customize the visual appearance of your blog and play with different editing options under templates, free themes and fonts, a feature other platforms don’t offer.

Who can take advantage of WordPress for free?

Who can take advantage of WordPress for free?

This CMS is ideal for those people who want to share content on the internet, either about your hobby, or content that enhances your personal brand and can function as a resume, a cover letter to the world where you show your work and services.

For whom is it not recommended to use WordPress for free?

The free version of WordPress is not a recommended option for entrepreneurs, companies or people who want to offer a more professional image, since you would not be delivering a profile with your own stamp, the range of themes and plugins will probably not be enough to cover your needs, there is no established community to start from scratch and in some cases, advertising will appear on your site.


The most recognized professional social network in the world, it is also a space in which you can share content such as a blog, and of course, meet the main objectives of this platform: help do networking with profiles of your professional sector with which you are interested in connecting, spreading new ideas, information or opinions about the current situation in your niche and sharing useful resources for your entire community of colleagues.

To access this option blog on LinkedIn for freeThe only requirement is to have an active account on the social network since the function of publishing articles is integrated into your personal profile.

With a simple click on the option “Write an article”, you will have automatic access to the editor and you will only have to unleash your lyrics to share your message with the community.

Who could use LinkedIn as a blog?

If you are a professional, entrepreneur, entrepreneur or freelancer who wants to take advantage of this space to expand your number of connections and foster an interesting conversation and with options to reach an audience integrated into the network, as long as it is linked to your professional sector, the articles of LinkedIn They could be a place to keep giving a try.

For whom is it advisable not to use LinkedIn as a blog?

If the content you want to share it is not strictly linked to your professional area If it is not aimed at professionals in a sector, you are interested in expanding the customization options, optimizing the positioning in browsers, among other more advanced options, it is best to explore other options on the list.


So is! The popular social network for photographs and special moments also has a special place in the hearts of bloggers and content creators who take advantage of the worldwide popularity of this platform, with an audience that exceeds 2.4 billion users, to use it as a Blog.

However, as it is a social network that prioritizes visual content, it is important to consider it as an option for “microblogging”, that is, publications with attractive images and short and concise text messages, which do not become too tedious and divert the interest of people initially willing to connect.

Who can take advantage of the use of Instagram as a blog?

If you want to be a blogger or you are already a blogger in a sector focused on visual areas, such as photography, fashion, cinema, or gastronomy (the appetite enters through the eyes), you are not interested in extending your content in text format, above all, you want Go to who they are within the platform, Instagram can be a good free alternative to a professional blog.

It is also recommended if you have a personal brand and want to make Instagram a complementary channel to the content that you normally share on other platforms.

It may interest you:

For those who are not recommended to use Instagram as a blog?

If the character limit represents a problem for you, you want a space that you can customize according to your needs and with greater integration options or your work is simply not linked to the visual area, it is best to explore other options on the list.

Guest platforms

In some cases, the best platform where you can start your blogging journey is not in your personal blog, but in what you write for other people’s blogs.

This option is not only interesting to get closer to experience as a blogger, but it also offers you the reputation necessary to build a high-value career in the world of blogging and promote many job opportunities on the internet.

To achieve this, you must be very attentive to the blogs of the topics that you adequately master and fit your interests, since it is normal that many blogs request qualified collaborators to write content occasionally.

Who can take advantage of the platforms as a guest blogger?

This option is ideal if you have good writing skills and you want to build a career as a freelance writer and become recognized for your experience in different media and expose your words within portals that generally already have a well-established audience.

For whom is this option not recommended?

The answer is simple: if you want to focus on your own blog, without ties to the type of content and style that someone else establishes, personalizing, and contemplating every detail, it is best that you explore other options on this list or leave it out of your priorities.

Conclusions on the best free blog platforms

If you want to start taking your first steps in the world of blogging, but you are not sure if it is exactly for you and therefore, you prefer not to invest time and money in developing your own website, then the best thing for you is to find one free platform that allows you to make a blog and test your experience with it before making the leap to something bigger.

If you want to save time and money, but still reach the attention of a considerable number of people with your content, these are the 5 best free platforms to make a blog in a matter of minutes.

If you really want to create a valuable personal brand where you can show your knowledge, and even offer services or infoproducts to sell, the ideal is that you create a blog in WordPress. If you do not want to pay anything, you can start with (option 2 of the text), however, the ideal is to start a professional blog with your own domain from the beginning. Here you have one step by step guide to create your blog in WordPress.

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