Top 15 Best Free WordPress Themes

Top 15 Best Free WordPress Themes

Are you starting your online project, but do you have a tight budget? Want to know what are the best free themes for WordPress?

Well, stop looking, you’ve come to the right place. Next, I will show you a list of the free WordPress templates that we have previously tried and recommended.

With so many options of free themes, it is sometimes difficult to choose one that is easy to use and is optimized so that it is optimized so that the performance of our blog or website is not affected.

For this, I invite you to take a look at this list of options that we have chosen not only because of its popularity but because it will allow the speed of your website to be optimal.

What to look for in a free WordPress theme?
Choosing a WordPress theme is not an easy task. Before doing so, you should consider a series of elements and aspects.

This implies, mainly having a responsive design so that your website loads correctly from either a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

This element is important since most users access this type of device. If you don’t have it, it becomes a limitation for your web traffic, and it will undoubtedly affect your SEO.

Another aspect is the loading speed. Remember that a second on the web is an eternity for the user. A slow web to load leads the user to get impatient and, consequently, close it. A well-optimized code guarantees excellent loading speed.

In addition to installing a free template that loads fast, we can implement other steps to make our website much faster, as we show in this post.

In addition, an intuitive design, with a simple and minimalist view, will be the ideal route for the user to feel comfortable. To the point of knowing where to go, how to get to everything you have to offer and thus generate more sales.

What to consider before choosing a free WordPress theme

Choosing a free WordPress theme will always be an important decision, and that requires you to think about it when creating a blog or website. Generally, those who make this choice for the first time usually make beginner mistakes.

For this, it is advisable to make an exhaustive review of each one of them, so that you can discard what does not suit you.

Next, I will give you some recommendations that will lead you to a wise choice. Not because it’s free, it must be bad, you just need the right information to choose the best one.

  • As a first aspect, you should consider the purpose of the website. Well, this depends on the type of free WordPress template to choose from. There are models developed for specific purposes, for example, free WordPress templates for online stores, for blogs, for professional pages, etc.
  • User Community Assessment. Keep in mind the opinion of users about that template that catches your eye, look for what the WordPress user community has said about it, advantages, disadvantages and more. Even, take into account the ratings given to you by 4 or 5 stars.
  • How many users have installed it? This element is also relevant because it depends on how many people have used it, and the possible failures it may present. For example, a community of 15 users who have installed the template with an average rating is not a consistent fact to choose it.
  • Functionalities In this regard, it is difficult to know at a glance if the workings of the template are adapted to the needs of your business. If you want to try a template beforehand, I recommend you do it through a subdomain, so you don’t risk your real domain.
  • Technical support. Keep in mind that, the chosen theme has to offer technical support to its users. There are specialized forums on this, and although many say it is not so, because it is a free topic, the truth is not true.
  • Updates If the chosen topic has not been updated six months ago, download it immediately. This aspect may bring you some future compatibility and security issues.

Top 15: Best Free WordPress Themes

1. GeneratePress

The GeneratePress template is an ideal topic for beginners and has a high number of active installations. His aesthetic is very intuitive, friendly, and responsive. In addition, it is light and simple, which contributes to optimal loading speed.

It is a free version of a premium version, however, it is highly configurable. It is considered similar to the subject Genesis, for its lightness. A theme compatible with Woocommerce, and that will never give you problems with SEO.

If you need a corporate website or a personal blog, this topic is ideal.

2. Sydney

This template has been developed and focused on business, with a professional, business and independent profile.

It is customizable and has the drag and drop function while configuring the website. Although it is a template that you already have years in the market, it remains in force overtime.

Its versatility makes it a perfect option to design several different websites, with the same template. It currently has about 200,000 active installations.

3. Astra Theme

Astra is a fairly light template, and easy to configure. It is highly customizable and has 100% compatibility with Beaver Builder or Elementor. In such a way, that managing the content of your website will be a simple task, without problems.

It is a template perfectly adaptable to any type of web, and that also allows you to import complete websites easy and fast!

4. Ocean WP

OceanWP is a highly configurable free WordPress theme. It is easy to use, responsive and with very fast loading speed. If you want to create an online store, you will have no problem, since it is compatible with WooCommerce.

To be a free version, it is quite powerful. It is not loaded with styles and functionalities, which makes it a simple and elegant option, but at the same time very functional and complete.

5. Schema Lite

The Schema Lite theme has SEO optimization, thanks to its lightness, clean code, and responsive design. What she has become a very popular option in the niches pages.

Although I do not recommend it for a personal blog, there are better options. This free version can be downloaded from the official WordPress repository.

6. Page Builder Framework

This template is highly customizable, lightweight and with very fast loading speed. In addition, it has compatibility with elementor page builder, so that you manage your content easily and efficiently.

However, to enjoy all its features you must buy premium add-ons. Which makes it a disadvantageous element, compared to other templates.

7. Avenue

Avenue is an ideal template for real estate agencies. Everything is due to the ease it offers its users to upload photographs and descriptions.

It is a simple, intuitive and elegant design, which is also available to any user.

8. One-Press

OnePress is a theme that has been installed about 80,000 times, and users have rated it with about 4.5 / 5 stars. Which translates into a reliable and safe theme to install.

However, it is a free version of a paid item, so that many of its functions have limitations.

Its design is based on a home page that shows all the information, also called “one page”.

In such a way that, the user will go down and as he does, he will show. Without a doubt, a very elegant and well-maintained design recommended for companies, portfolios, entrepreneur pages and more.

9. Lovecraft

To be a free WordPress theme, Lovecraft is very complete, elegant and customizable. That makes it an excellent free option, ideal for starting new projects online.

Without a doubt, it is a free theme that will contribute positively to your image. Above all, in the management of your content.

10. Blask

If you want your company to stand out from the images, you have to choose the Blask theme. This theme is ideal for web photographers, portfolios of all kinds, and any business that sells with images.

It has a responsive, modern, minimalist and elegant design. In addition, you can promote from your social networks, thanks to its social media header. Ideal to publicize your brand, and boost your company to success.

11. Quality Theme

It is an ideal theme for websites of psychologists, therapists, and coaches, or any other business. It is configurable, responsive and easy to use.

It has the potential to optimize SEO, thanks to its lightness and optimal fast loading speed. In addition, you can choose between the three colors in which this theme comes, greenblue or orange.

12. Hestia

If you want to have a multi-language websitethis template is compatible with the WPML plugins. Because it can be perfectly combined with WooCommerce, you can turn it into an online store without problems!

But not only that, but it also has a design adaptable to any type of web, personal, professional or corporate. It is ideal to optimize SEO because it is lightweight, responsive and has a slider, footer widgets, image gallery and more.

Layout all the sections of your website with elementor, and use this template to create the website you want. What are you waiting for?

13. Vantage

This template has great success because it is one of the official platforms for WordPress eCommerce development.

It comes with the built-in online store plugins and integrates with the “Page Builders” page builder.

So you can manage all your web content without problems, easily and simply.

14. Customizr

This template adapts perfectly to all types of users, both experts, and beginners. A very flattering element is that it has online documentation, made by its developers.

Although it is not very intuitive, compared to other templates, it has many features and you can develop very attractive and competitive websites.

15. Storefront

Storefront is an ideal template for online stores, with a minimalist look. It has a responsive design, lightweight and very adapted to SEO.

If you want to change the web completely, this template is ideal, thanks to the child themes function. Like any free WordPress theme, it has a paid version, which will give you all its features at 100%.

So far our list of the best themes for WordPress totally free. I hope it has been very useful and has led you to a wise choice.

As the last recommendation, I tell you not to make this decision lightly. It is one of the most important decisions based on your online project. A hasty decision could lead to future problems, both compatibility, and SEO of your website.

I assure you it is a risk that you do not want to take. Have you already chosen your free WordPress template for your website? Tell us about your experience.

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