7 Online Jobs That Require Little Or No Experience

7 Online Jobs That Require Little Or No Experience

The online jobs are one of the best options to work from anywhere in the world, whether working from home or remotely from a coworking cafe, hotel… basically from anywhere, provided that you have a computer and internet access.

Best of all, every day there are more opportunities to work remotely, whether you are looking to work as a freelance remote and even undertake your Own online business.

Now, it is not gold that glitters, there are many methods to earn money online, yes, most of them, have a fairly large learning curve and need extensive training and experience, much experience to see results.

Therefore, here we leave you with 7 online jobs that require little or no experience that you can start from now to start generating your first income online.

Micro Jobs or specific jobs

There are a lot of websites where you can register and offer your knowledge, there are for all areas, in exchange for specific jobs. The rates are usually quite small, however, it can be used to gain experience or open up to the market. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal… They are some of these platforms.

Translation of texts

If you are bilingual, you are good at languages, there are different websites that pay you to translate. An option to generate income remotely in your spare time. No experience is required to participate in these platforms, you just have to pass a small test to check your profile as a translator.

Teach something you know

Surely you have more knowledge about something than other people. Maybe math, languages, chemistry, administration… Do you know that there are websites where you can teach other people? Yes, you don’t need experience and you can earn some money.

Some platforms of this type are Udemy,  one of the most popular online course platforms,  Khan Academy Teachable Verbling  (language classes) or Classgap.

Who knows if after this you set up your own online academy?


It is a job where little or no previous experience is required with which you can generate income working from home. Simply, it is about transcribing texts where you listen to audio and write what you hear.

Stock Photographer

If you like the world of photography and you always have the camera in your hand, one of the online jobs that require little or no experience in stock photography.

Eye, the ideal is to learn the basics to generate more income. In fact, it is a job, which treated with meaning and professionally, can lead you to generate great benefits.


If you’re good at everything related to spelling and grammar, you can work as spelling errors. You only have to do a small search to know a large number of web pages that offer you this type of jobs.

On many occasions, you will have to take a test to find out if you are eligible for the position.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is one of the professions that are booming in the new era of online jobs. The demand for these professionals does not stop growing and to occupy a job, requires little or no experience. It will be enough to have good training and skills (especially being highly organized, efficient and reliable) to fill this job.

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