How to choose the best hosting for WordPress and top 3 providers

How to choose the best hosting for WordPress and top 3 providers
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So you plan to launch a project with WordPress and still do not know what type of hosting to choose? Choosing the best hosting for WordPress is not easy and more with all the different types of web hosting plans that exist. With my years of experience creating online projects, I can say that Siteground is the best web hosting provider for WordPress but read on to know why.

And, choosing a good hosting for WordPress is mandatory since it depends on your blog or websites work well and load in the best possible time to keep users and search engines happy.

But do not worry, keep reading as I will show you the aspects in which you should look before choosing the best host for WordPress and I will also give you a list of the best web hosting providers. Do we start?

Types of hosting for WordPress

To begin, we will see the different types of web hosting that exist and then we will choose the one that best suits your budget and the needs of your online business.

I had previously created a detailed guide on the different types of web hosting but we will review them again.

  • Shared: this is the most popular type of WordPress hosting. This is the best known since it covers the basic needs that any blog or website created with WordPress may need. Shared hosting allows you to rent a small portion of a web server along with other people to share the expenses and get much cheaper.
  • Hosting in the cloud: unlike shared hosting, with a host in the cloud, your blog or website will not be hosted on a single physical server but on several servers “in the cloud” that act together to improve the resources needed by your WordPress blog. This type of host is good because if one of the servers fails immediately the others act so that your blog does not fall and lose “Uptime”.
  • VPS: With this type of hosting you have access to a larger “virtual” portion of a server. This is between shared and dedicated hosting (below).
  • Dedicated: with this type of web hosting, you will have a server completely at your disposal. This is not shared with anyone else and all resources are for you.

What type of hosting is better for WordPress?

Since you know the different types of hosting you must be wondering which one is the best for WordPress and which one you should choose. It all depends on the needs of your online project and also your budget.

If you are just starting with this to create websites and blogs with WordPress and you do not have much experience, shared hosting will be perfect for you.

The best part of shared hosting for WordPress is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining them and the prices are extremely low.

Remember that with a shared web hosting you are renting a small portion of the server to host your website.

Think of these as if you were renting an apartment in a building for you and your family.

Now, shared web hosts have some disadvantages and are the following:

  1. By sharing a server with other users you are exposed to viruses and hacks
  2. If you use the default resources by the hosting provider they can ask you to go to a more expensive plan.
  3. If your blog reaches between 10,000-20,000 visits per month of insurance they will ask you to go to another plan with more resources.
  4. Your blog can get slow sometimes.

I know it is intimidating to think that your blog can become hacked or slow, but with good WordPress practices, this can be avoided. Here are some links to entries that will help you improve WordPress performance, security, speed and avoid being injected by malware or viruses.

Take a walk through the previous entries when you have time, I’m sure you will like them.

Returning to the topic, the next option is hosting services for WordPress In the Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated.

The latter is recommended only if your online project requires enough resources, if you are going to store dozens of blogs or websites or if they receive thousands of daily visits.

For example, a blog with high resource requirements is considered if it offers streaming services or on-demand.

Keep in mind that these can be quite expensive and it is not worth investing in these if you are not going to need them. As I said before, a shared Hosting is in itself the best for WordPress.

And the managed hosting for WordPress?

There is another type of WordPress hosting known as managed hosting. But what is managed to host?

The answer is very simple. This is the same as shared hosting but the company through which you hire the service is responsible for optimizing your blog or website so that it goes perfectly and you just have to take care of creating content. Some companies such as
HostPapa and WP Engine are responsible for offering this type of hosting for WordPress.

The best-managed hosting providers handle functions such as:

  • Create daily backups.
  • Update the database and plugins every time there are new versions.
  • Optimize WordPress to make it as fast and efficient as possible.
  • Install premium cache plugins for your web to load like a rocket.
  • Make sure your blog or website is impenetrable and prevent virus or malware attacks.

But can’t I do this? Actually, yes. If you follow all the guidelines we give you here in Hosting Expert you can do it yourself.

Now, the problem of WordPress handled is that this is quite expensive and prices are much higher than a regular hosting service for WordPress.

Hosting managed for WordPress is recommended only for those who have the budget and want to save WordPress installation and optimization time.

Important aspects to take into account when hiring the best hosting for WordPress

Many web hosting providers for WordPress promise to give you heaven if you hire their services but not all offer what is necessary to facilitate the process of moving your project online.

Next, these are the most important tools that you will want your new web hosting provider for WordPress to offer. By the way, after naming these aspects I will give you a list of the best hosting providers for WordPress that meet all these requirements.

One-click installation of WordPress: Today, most WordPress hosting providers allow you to create a blog with just one click. This is important since you will not want to spend hours trying to install it without knowing how to do it.

Excellent loading time: this is another very important aspect because if your website does not load fast you will lose customers since no reader likes to wait more than three seconds for a website to load.

Security for your blog: this is too important since you are going to want to host your WordPress project with a provider that makes sure to minimize or prevent attacks. Many hosting providers offer short fires to prevent massive attacks and also protection against viruses and malware. There are others who take an extra step by constantly scanning the database of hosted websites to identify security problems.

Backups: in case your website or blog gets ruined by a human error or by third parties, it is vital to be able to access backups that can be installed with just one click. Some WordPress hosting service providers offer daily backups for up to 30 days that can be reinstalled with just one click. Similarly, it is always advisable to create your own WordPress security.

24-hour technical support: every good web hosting provider has to be available in case you have any problem with your hosting service or if you have any questions in general. Make sure you can access a representative 24 hours in case you need it.

Free SSL certificates: SSL certificates add a layer of security to your WordPress project by encrypting the information of users who travel from their computers to the servers to where your blog or website is hosted. These are even more important if your customers make transactions through your blog or website.

The good news is that most hostings offer the free version of SSL certificates Let’s Encrypt; which you can install with just one click.

Recommended WordPress Hostings

Since you know the types of hosting that exist for WordPress and the aspects to be fixed when choosing one, then I will give you the list of the best hosting for WordPress.

The following list of hostings is our recommended ones. We have already put them to the test and so far these offer the best hosting services for WordPress and also the best prices.

Siteground (Highly Recommended)

On all possible occasions, we recommend Siteground to our readers for all its advantages, excellent customer service, and low prices.

This Bulgarian company has been offering web hosting services for more than 15 years and today is one of the best known and respected in the middle.

These are the main reasons why Siteground has been the winner among all WordPress hosting providers:

  • Recommended by WordPress itself with one of the best hosting providers.
  • Excellent loading time for its customers (less than three seconds if your website is well configured). Likewise, the excellent response time of the servers.
  • Constant scanning to the user database to make sure they are free of viruses and malware.
  • Excellent customer service (24/7).
  • Guaranteed uptime (99.9%).
  • Access to more than 42 CDN worldwide and all are free.
  • Multiple servers worldwide so you can choose the one that suits you best.
  • Daily backups for up to 30 days, which you can install with just one click.
  • Free migration of a website if you change from another provider.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Free domain for one year if you choose services for one year.
  • Free tools to migrate websites and improve the speed and performance of your WordPress blog.

As you can see, Siteground offers a number of tools to make your WordPress project take off and be successful.

In addition, with SiteGround you receive two tools that I personally like very much. These are the automatic migrator and the SG Optimizer. These two are designed to improve the speed of your WordPress blog or website and also to help you migrate blogs and websites hosted with other providers.

WP Engine

With more than 9 years of experience, this United States company takes the applause of the bloggers who currently use their WordPress hosting services.

WPEngine expresses its focus on offering excellent hosting services for WordPress and for this reason they have designed exclusive plans for WordPress that have the purpose of improving the performance, security and loading time of this.

Like Siteground, WPEngine is responsible for offering one of the best web hosting services for WordPress, but why do we prefer SiteGround? To tell the truth … their prices. Compared to Siteground, WPEngine costs almost double for its hosting services for WordPress. Let’s see the reasons to choose WPEngine.

  • Specialized hosting plans for WordPress.
  • Excellent charging time with all your plans.
  • Firewall, Antivirus and AntiSpam Mail with all your plans to keep your blog free of attacks.
  • Excellent customer service (24/7).
  • Guaranteed uptime (99.9%).
  • Daily backups for up to 30 days, which you can install with just one click.
  • Free migration of a website if you change from other providers.
  • Free SSL certificates.

Well, it has been all for today. I hope you liked our guide on how to choose the best WordPress hosting and the companies we recommend. If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave it in our comments section.

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