Useful Guide To Work In Hawaii

Useful Guide To Work In Hawaii

Working in Hawaii, one of those destinations that the first thing they evoke in our mind is an image of paradise, tropical landscapes, surfers and volcanoes.

It was the last state to join the US, forming an archipelago formed by hundreds of islands in the Pacific Ocean, north of Polynesia and northeast of Australia.

Culturally, Hawaii is a fusion of cultures. Given its geographical location, it has been influenced as much by American culture as by Asian culture, both joining the native population.

As a result, the local Hawaiian culture is as interesting as it is peculiar, different from others. In this field, the reason why it is perhaps most famous is for the dances of kahiko, auana, hula…

In Hawaii, the different dances tell the story of a country, a culture, the future of some local characters, legends, and stories.

Among the highlights are striking aspects such as the famous Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Temple Beach in Laie, the Rainbow waterfalls (rainbow) in Hilo, the Haleakala crater in Pukalani, the Kaloko Honokohau historical park, the canyon of Waimea, Kehena Beach with its surfers in Kalapana, Kailauea volcano, Papakolea Beach in Puu O Mahana, Pololu Valley, Akaka Falls in Honomu,…

One thing is clear, if we are thinking of looking for a job in Hawaii, we know that we will live in an earthly paradise. Its climate is almost perfect since year-round temperatures range between averages of 29.4ºC in summer and 25.6ºC in winter.

Some Technical Data

  • Capital: Honolulu
  • Office language : English and Hawaiian
  • Population : 1,362,000 inhabitants
  • Currency : US dollar
  • Time zone: UTC -10
  • Main activities: tourism sector in general
  • Main cities: Honolulu, Hilo, Kaneohe, Kailua, Pearl City, Kahului, Kailua Kona, Kihei and Lihue
  • Member of: one of the US states

Job Opportunities in Hawaii

Those who are thinking of working in Hawaii have a question on the table, what are the pillars of their economy? The answer is simple, on the one hand, agriculture, livestock and its derivatives (processed foods, exports, …), on the other the great pillar, the tourism sector.

The main markets for job search are found in banking, education, health, customer service, the tourism sector, … as well as some options for teleworking. It is important to note that in Hawaii companies are very adapted to the web world, which will facilitate the search process.

In general, having previous work experience or high qualification will open many doors for us. In addition, the level of English should be high, as it is the official language of the country.

You should also consider the option of volunteering in Hawaii, a way to make the first contact, meet people, and establish relationships to access a job.

Documentation Needed To Work In Hawaii

As a member state of the USA, the processes are practically identical, except for small nuances due to their geographical situation. The process for the regularization of a foreign worker in Hawaii follows the steps described below in broad strokes:

Registration with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations of Hawaii, this agency has a portal for job search: HireNet Hawaii.

To obtain a work visa, a company must offer us a job, technically it is the company that has to apply for our visa, specifically the H-1B. Obtaining a work permit involves paying a series of administrative fees.

The company must justify to the government why it wants to hire a foreigner, what is its professional profile, …

Wages in Hawaii

The average salary in Hawaii is about USD 43,740 annually, being one of the US states with a better salary index. In any case, if we are looking for a qualified job, the salary does not usually fall below USD 50,000, which varies according to the profession and responsibility of the position.

As examples, we can see that a non-specialized administrative assistant will charge around USD 40,000, while a project manager will obtain around USD 75,000

Here we leave you a link where we can see the relationship between the most demanded professions and the average salary for that particular field, it can be very useful.

Find a job in Hawaii

If we have decided and want to look for opportunities to work in Hawaii, we are faced with different possible ways to get the job of our dreams. Here we bring you some of the most outstanding and effective:

Contact companies on their own initiative, self-candidacy

Another of the great options that we always have, because the employment section of some companies, including multinationals, raise the different vacancies they have.

For this, as in all cases, we must enter the personal information requested in English


The press has always been a way to find employment through its section of advertisements, whether in its virtual or traditional form, it is an option to take into account. Also, what better way to know a little better a country in which we want to live than through your local press?

Here we leave you the links to the main newspapers of Hawaii :


Self-employment in Hawaii is relatively widespread, even some companies hire workers as freelancers for their projects.

In the local government portal, you can find all the necessary information to establish our business base in the archipelago, this link will take you directly to the corresponding section on the web.

Temporary Employment Agencies, Placement Agencies

The option to work in Hawaii through job placement or temporary agency is more than interesting, even if they can be decisive because certain companies do not have their own human resources department for hiring.

Web portals with job offers in Hawaii

Below we offer you a list with numerous websites where you can find vacancies to work in Hawaii, some of them are specialized, others of a general nature, but in any case, we hope they will be of great help:

Data Of Interest Before Leaving

The first question we have is how to get there, for this we must bear in mind that our flight will have at least one stopover, usually in the US, and our destination airport will be Honolulu International Airport.

Here we leave you the link of a collaborator who has all the cheap flights to Hawaii, in it, you can find the best option to get to this paradise.

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