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How Stress Impacts People’s Health

Once in a while, people are stressed by different conditions. Trauma is as a result of brain reaction or response to various situations. There are many different situations that lead to anxiety. They cause varied reaction of the brain hence one can have positive or negative effects. In some instances “the fight-or-flight” response will receive life situations positively, as a call to action. With the positivity, the brain is able to conquer the challenge causing stress. The brain at times will fail to fight the issue and lead to trauma in one’s mind. When your property or belongings are at a risk of loss, stress comes automatically. Most people affected by stress include women, those who earn so little and the younger adults. Stress leads to a lot of health issues that you should run away from by avoiding stress.

Stress is not directly linked to causing illnesses. It is however, known by doctors to influence the genes and body conditions in ways that speed up diseases.

Trauma and anxiety will first of all be a threat to your heart health. Brain unrest will lead people to abuse of drugs like alcohol or cigarettes among other issues that negatively impact on your heart health. These factors can contribute to poor health of the heart by causing either obesity or blood pressure.
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brain unrest caused by work problems lead to development of heart attack in a person. When stress causes anxiety or intense anger to a person the risk of heart attack arising multiplies to nine more times.
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Over the years, stress is associated, with the risk of diabetes. When one is stressed up, production of the hormone cortisol is increased. How stress is linked to diabetes is through the increased levels of insulin, resulting from the extra cortisol produced. There are women who suffer from PTSD and are the ones at a higher risk of getting diabetes. There are people who already have diabetes and are more affected by stress. Stress in diabetic people makes the disease less manageable. The patients of diabetes therefore will not care for themselves as expected due to the stressful conditions they are in. They may get more into drinking of alcohol and neglect exercise. The diabetes patients may also forget to check their glucose levels, and may not have enough time to plan on the required meals. Stress will therefore affect the persons suffering from diabetes more as they will poorly manage their health situation.

Apart from heart attack and diabetes, there are common impacts of stress on the well-being of individuals.