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Neat Outdoor Wedding Ideas in Vegas There are several cool and fun ways to tie the knot in today’s world. Some of the attractive wedding concepts to try out are simple mind-bending. When it comes to the immense imagination put into the wedding packages In Vegas the sky is the limit. Several people visit Vegas all through the year. Chances of someone meeting the love of their life while out having fun are very probably. If you are in Vegas and you end up meeting “the one,” then you are in luck because there are a number of alternatives offered in terms of wedding packages. Depending on the package you choose, there are a number of areas you might want to have your wedding ceremony at. Below are some of the coolest Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Venues. The Hawaiian Garden Wedding The Vegas outdoor wedding packages would not be complete if it lacked this Hawaiian feel to it. This wedding package is among the top outdoor offers. The wedding Package offers a beautiful and serene environment that simulates the amazing Hawaiian atmosphere. This package has three diverse venues to pick out, all of which are outside. This is the type of wedding you remember for a lifetime. There is a beautiful view of a waterfall right near the guest siting area which hosts up to a hundred people. Here you can have an outdoor ceremony and a Photo-shoot after the exchanging of vows.
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If you love nature this is the thing for you. Tying the Knot at the Grand Canyon is bound to be pretty exciting, The wedding package includes a luxury limousine ride with including your spouse and six others. You also get to take a helicopter ride over the city of Vegas all the way through Hoover dam and down to the Canyon where the ceremony takes place. The package includes a professional photographer, a bouquet for the bride and quality hand-picked flowers to adorn the groom’s tuxedo lapel.Aside from all this there is also the bridal bouquet of flowers and a cool looking boutonniere for the groom. Strip Helicopter Wedding This is another amazing package that is sure to give you a positive head start into your marital journey with your spouse. The package offers a variety of features that will guaranty you feel like royalty on your special day. The different features include transport in a limousine strait from your hotel to the chopper launch pad and back again. With this wedding package you get to fly over the city in all its splendor as you exchange your vows in the chopper. The bride has a choice of pink, red or white flowers for her bouquet. The groom’s lapel is also nicely decorated with an amazing looking boutonniere. With the choice of so many packages to choose from you might end up feeling confused. However, each of the packages provided ensure you get your money’s worth in services.