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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Canister Vacuum

If you love a clean house, then you must know that maintaining it is not easy. Dusting of carpets, cleaning furniture and stained floors is hard work. A vacuum cleaner should be among the first things to buy for maintaining a clean home. However, it is not easy buying a vacuum cleaner. When you walk into a store, the options are numerous and can be confusing.

The choice of a vacuum cleaner to buy is a function of what you need. Buying the right kind of vacuum cleaner makes your cleaning easier and faster. A canister vacuum has multiple functions and can be used on many locations. When buying the best canister vacuum, consider the following factors to get value for your hard-earned money.

It is important to consider your budget before buying a canister vacuum. The higher the price, the better the quality you get. However, there are some models which can give you value for your money. Before buying, do adequate research on the various types of canister vacuums. There are many articles reviewing the various models online. Many reviewers have written information online about the various models.
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Efficiency is a function of the suction strength of vacuum cleaners. Suction strength is determined by the engine power. For canister vacuums to be considered good, the engine power has to range between 1200 and 200 watts.
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A canister vacuum that is not difficult to handle reduces incidences of back pain, exhaustion and time wastage. It should be light in weight and should weigh between 6 and 16 pounds. To evade the inconvenience of finding another socket, the power cord should be long enough. A protective casing should be present in a good canister volume as it helps guards the user and the furniture against harm. The presence of a handle in the canister volume eases transportation.

Efficient filtration systems determine the quality of canister vacuums. They prevent the release of pollen, dust and allergens in the air. If you are allergic or suffer from asthma, it is recommended that you use canister vacuums with high efficiency particulate air.

Silent vacuum cleaners are highly preferred by many people. Noise levels are measured in decibels. A noisy vacuum cleaner has high decibel levels. Vacuum cleaners with decibel levels that range from 60 to 65 are considered good. It is advisable not to buy canister vacuums that have noise levels that are higher than 85 decibels.

The best canister vacuums are also durable and reliable. A good test for durability and reliability is the warranty given by the manufacturer. The amount of trust that a manufacturer has in his own product can be determined by the warranty given. A canister vacuum with a warranty of 5 or 7 years would be the best to buy.