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Funniest Happy Birthday Wishes You should not always be so monotonous with the commonly used term HBD. Once in a while, it is good to make someone smile by giving a unique or just funny wish that will make your friend smile. Much as you might want to write or send a message that has your pal’s personality, it’s always great to make someone laugh by creating humor. As many wishes might still be as old and seem unnecessary they still create a smile on someone’s face. If you want to get some really funny jokes and wishes for happy birthdays, read on! If your pal is good at taking no offenses with jokes, then here are a few for their birthday messages. They say that at your age, birthday cocktails should be replaced with nutritional smoothies but thank goodness you never listen to what they say. Age is a high price you pay for maturity. Just because people grow old does not mean they are growing upstairs. If you inform your brains that you are aging, yes you are. Happy birthday dear, it is a wish that you eat this cake before you collapse of old age. With your age you are more mature and wiser which should help you get think know how to land on good things other than waiting for presents from people. Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life, you should be glad you’re doing it gracefully. Since you are wiser and mature enough as your age reveals no need to worry about presents or surprise gifts. When you have problems reading this “big” handwriting, then know you are aging. Happy birthday you old bag. If you are enjoying your birthdays at this rate so should you enjoy your wrinkles. Congrats on your birthday and remember no sex because you need all your energy to blow out the candles.
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Much as you say you are old, you were younger like others one day. Few women admit their age, few men act theirs. Forget about the past, it’s already gone, forget about the future, you cannot predict, forget about the present, I didn’t get you one. Just as the past has to be forgotten, so should your presents. Congrats on yet of another birthday, please share the secret to grow old fast! Don’t worry about the rate at which you are celebrating your birthdays worry instead about the rate at which you are nearing your death date. Congrats as you blow another set of candles no worry about spilling the bag regarding your real birth date.
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You must have one of the best plastic surgeons, no other explanation. People are wondering why you have been keeping the company of the plump and the aged, no worry, happy birthday. Thank goodness you are now of legal age with more than thirty years of experience.