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What Is Done In Data Collection?

There are many organizations that are conducting data collection in an effort to gather info about opinions, reactions and views from their target consumer or the public and use it then for different actions and decisions from advertising firms, government, non-governmental organizations, manufacturing industries and the likes.

Data collection is not just helping the companies in terms of launching new products or knowing about public reaction to a certain issue but it is a very useful tool too for statistical inferences by the time the data collected is compiled. The process for data collection is basically the 3rd step out of 6 step market research processes. Data collection may be done in 2 different ways that is involving different technicalities.

There are two ways on how data collection can be carried out and it is either primary data or secondary data. And for the secondary data, this is involving the information available in journals, books, previous studies or researches as well as the internet. Basically, it involves utilizing the data present in order to substantiate or build a concept. As for primary data collection, this is the process of collecting data by making use of questionnaire by asking the respondents directly of their opinions.

It is an integral aspect of data collection to create the right questionnaire. The research that’s conducting data collection needs to be mindful of the process. The info sought by the concerned party is something that they should have a clear idea.
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In addition to that, the data collection office must construct questionnaire in a way to elicit the responses needed. As the questionnaire is constructed, the researcher must be able to identify target sample. And in order to illustrate the point clearly, the following examples must be considered.
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Say that the collection of data is aimed from area A then, if all residents of data provided with questionnaire, it is deemed as census or in other words, a collection of data from all people of specified area and this is one of the common examples of data collection done by the government.

The data collected from targeted samples along with well defined questionnaire will project the response of entire population living in that area. The collected data from samples help to control the time and cost spent on collecting data from the population.

Data collection just gets much easier from target ample with the assistance of pretested questionnaire, which is then analyzed later by using statistical tests. Market research/manufacturing data collection is a lucrative and fast growing career option these days and one needs to undertake a course in statistics, marketing as well as research prior to starting out.