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Different Kinds of Bracelets and Bangles

The kind of jewelry that we ear can be more than just a little accessory that we like to wear as it can say a few things about a person’s personality and lifestyle. For the jewelry bracelets and bangles, you can find that there are many different styles and designs available to choose from. These come in different sizes and most of these styles and designs speak a lot about the person wearing it. Some of the most common bracelet designs will be discussed in this article and what they mean.

One of the most common types of bracelet is the Celtic bracelet which is highly known for its deep connection with nature. The nature motif and know work designs are what you will see on this type of bracelet which may come in silver or gold. A strong connection with the past a strong sense of connection with nature is what is being said for the women that like to wear Celtic designs in their bracelets. Also, an artistic bent, a high level of imagination, and a romantic are some of the other qualities that such woman might have.

The Charm bracelet what we call the typical styled bracelet that can come in gold or silver base. The charm bracelets can be made more special by attaching the tiny charms that can come in thousands of designs. This type can be highly personalized as the charms to be attached is up to the person wearing it. With this we can say that a woman that likes wearing a charm bracelet is someone that has a creative and imaginative disposition that likes to show her real self in many different ways.
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A colorful attire and an untamed spirit that is worn by a gypsy woman is the common image associated with the slim bangles. As the person wearing the slim bangles move, it gives off an enchanting feel as they clink together and making a sound. The slim and silver bangles on a woman’s arm is said to be being worn by someone that has a free spirit that is proud of being a woman.
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When it comes to the designs and styled of bracelets and bangles, you will be happy that you can choose from many other different styles if you are fond of it. Many other designs and styles of silver bangles and silver bracelets can be found in the market today which will capture your taste and style. Also, other designs will not be very attractive to you but that is only because we all have different personalities and the choice of bracelet that you like to wear says a lot about you.